Optiske stasjoner og lagring

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      Ekstern Blu-ray-stasjon

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      Access high definition Blu-ray 3D media experiences, and enjoy award-winning sleek and mobile ASUS designs that are perfect companions for your desktops and notebooks.

      Ekstern slank DVD-stasjon

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      Highly portable and ultra-slim designs with USB 2.0 ease. Products include Disc Encryption technology to double data security for all desktop and notebook users.

      Intern Blu-ray-stasjon

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      Enjoy 3D entertainment plus extreme burning speed and OTS technology, which guarantees the fastest and best-quality data writing.


      Fully-Featured Blu-Ray Combo

      Intern DVD-stasjon

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      E-Green and Disc Encryption technologies save up to 50% on energy while better protecting your data for greater efficiency and peace of mind.


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      Solid-state drives improve the overall performance of your PC with lower latency and faster access speeds, and are more power efficient and reliable than mechanical drives.


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      Expand storage the easy way via a variety of elegant and compact devices that work in USB plug n play. Several storage sizes available.

      Zendisk AS400

      Taking Beauty Beyond