ASUS and OK Go Collaborate in Amazing ZenFone 5 Video

    Groundbreaking video commercial features man dressed in 89-phone bodysuit to highlight ZenFone 5's AI camera functions

    TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 12, 2018 —ASUS has launched a mind-blowing online video commercial designed to introduce the design, cameras and AI features of ZenFone 5.

    Directed by Damian Kulash, lead singer of US rock group OK Go, and performed by choreographer/dancer Ian Eastwood of the Young Lions dance group, the incredible one-cut video uses 1228 phones to create a unique and exciting video that highlights the stunning design, powerful dual cameras and incredible AI features of ZenFone 5. The video was produced by Oscar- and Emmy-winning production company Park Pictures.

    In the video, Eastwood performs in a custom body suit created with 89 ZenFone 5 phones and dances against a video-wall backdrop created using a further 1139 phones. No green screens or CGI effects were used, with all the images programmed to display live on the linked phones.

    The multiple Cannes Lion-winning band OK Go first worked with ASUS for the ZenFone 5 launch event at Mobile World Congress in February 2018, where they played an exclusive after-party set for the attendees. Eastwood was handpicked by the director to take on this physically challenging performance — the body suit weighed over 16kg. "It literally feels like a lead apron you wear when having X-rays, except it's all over your body!" said the renowned choreographer.

    This long-anticipated new collaboration between ASUS and OK Go was released online on May 29, and is set to create huge waves in the mobile advertising industry.

    Behind the scenes

    An additional behind-the-scenes video featuring the cast and crew shows the incredible effort that went into creating this latest ZenFone 5 video. Viewers can learn more about the choreography sequence, how they mapped a 3D model of Ian, how they created the custom body suit, and watch how it all came together to create an incredible video, all inspired by ZenFone 5: AI Cameras that Think for You. Video links to the full and shorter versions of the video are included in the notes below, along with the behind-the-scenes video.