ASUS to provide BIOS updates addressing Intel Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) vulnerabilities, also known as ZombieLoad, RIDL, and Fallout

    ASUS is aware that a new sub-class of speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities in Intel CPUs, called Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS), also known as ZombieLoad, RIDL, and Fallout, may allow information disclosure.

    For more information, please review the security updates posted by Intel below:

    ASUS Solutions

    Intel states that selected 8th and 9th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, as well as the 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family, are not vulnerable to MDS. If you are using one of these processors, no further action is necessary.
    For other Intel processors, ASUS is working closely with Intel to provide a solution in a forthcoming BIOS update. We recommend owners of affected products update both the BIOS and operating system as soon as these mitigations are available. Please find our first-wave model list below and download the appropriate BIOS update from the ASUS Support website ( More details, including affected systems, will be added to this document as they become available.

    System Model Name
    Target Release Date
    X540UA 2019, WW24
    X430FN 2019, WW24
    X530FN 2019, WW24
    X512FA 2019, WW24
    UX433FN 2019, WW24
    UX433FA 2019, WW24
    UX533FD 2019, WW24
    UX333FA 2019, WW24
    P1440UA 2019, WW24
    P1440FB 2019, WW24
    G531GW 2019, WW23
    G531GV 2019, WW23
    G531GU 2019, WW23
    G531GT 2019, WW23
    G531GD 2019, WW23
    GX502GW 2019, WW23
    GX502GV 2019, WW23
    GU502GW 2019, WW23
    GU502GV 2019, WW23
    GU502GU 2019, WW23
    G703GXR 2019, WW23
    GX531GXR 2019, WW23
    GX531GWR 2019, WW23
    GX531GXH 2019, WW23
    GL12CS 2019, WW24
    GL12CX 2019, WW24
    GL12CX-C 2019, WW24
    GX701GXR 2019, WW24
    GX701GWR 2019, WW24
    GX701GVR 2019, WW24
    GX701GXH 2019, WW24
    G21CX 2019, WW24
    G21CN-D 2019, WW24
    GM501GM 2019, WW25
    GU501GM 2019, WW25
    GL504GM 2019, WW25
    GX531GM 2019, WW25
    GL704GW 2019, WW25
    GL704GV 2019, WW25
    GL504GW 2019, WW25
    GL504GV 2019, WW25
    G21CN 2019, WW26
    GL10CS 2019, WW26
    FX505GT 2019, WW26
    FX504GD 2019, WW26
    FX504GE 2019, WW26
    FX504GM 2019, WW26
    GL503GE 2019, WW26
    GL703GE 2019, WW26
    FX505GE 2019, WW26
    FX505GD 2019, WW26
    FX505GM 2019, WW26
    FX705GE 2019, WW26
    FX705GD 2019, WW26
    FX705GM 2019, WW26
    GL704GM 2019, WW26
    G703GX 2019, WW26
    GX701GV 2019, WW26
    GX701GX 2019, WW26
    GX701GW 2019, WW26
    GX531GX 2019, WW26
    GX531GW 2019, WW26
    GX531GV 2019, WW26

    Important Notice: ASUS BIOS Update FAQ

    (1) How can I find my system’s model name and processor?

    (2) How do I update my computer’s BIOS?

    When installing the latest software please keep your computer plugged in to mains electricity, and do not turn off your computer during the BIOS-update process.