ASUS ZenWatch (WI500Q)


    Right on Time

    Useful information when you need it most

    ASUS ZenWatch

    The perfect combination

    Pairing your ASUS ZenWatch with a smartphone makes the ultimate mobile companion.

    ASUS ZenWatch ASUS ZenWatch

    Capture the Moment
    in The Moment

    Open up new photographic opportunities by displaying your smartphone's camera viewfinder remotely on ASUS ZenWatch. This is useful for selfie and group photos, letting the photographer compose the photo, release the shutter, and check the final result while being included in the shot.

    Your whole world on your wrist

    Experience wearable-optimized versions of exclusive ASUS ZenUI apps such as What's Next and Do It Later, and enhanced functionality with ASUS smartphones.

    ASUS ZenWatch

    What's Next will immediately remind you about the next important task or event, identify items that need a special reminder, and reduce the number of distractions so you can focus on what matters.

    Useful throughout the day

    Android Wear organizes your information, suggests what you need, and shows it to you before you even ask. Get messages from your friends, meeting notifications, and weather updates at a glance.

    Just say “Ok Google”

    Respond to texts, instant messages and emails by voice. Ask questions like "Will it rain this weekend?" and get straight answers.




    Ok Google

    ASUS ZenWatch

    Silence The World with A Wave of Your Hand

    Easily mute an incoming call by placing the hand over the face of ASUS ZenWatch, helping you avoid situations where a ringtone would disturb others.

    Unlock without ZenWatch

    Unlock with ZenWatch

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      Enter passcode
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      Home screen
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      Swipe and done

    Security made simple

    Your phone's security has never been more convenient. Watch Unlock turns ASUS ZenWatch into a universal key that lets you quickly unlock your phone or tablet simply by touching the watch face.

    Unlock WITHOUT ZenWatch

    Unlock WITH ZenWatch

    Always stay within reach

    Find My Phone helps wearers find their phone when it is misplaced by ringing it remotely. Alternatively, ASUS ZenWatch Manager on the smartphone can be used to find a misplaced ASUS ZenWatch by making it vibrate and flash.

    ASUS ZenWatch

    Total Luxury Meets Total Control

    Take control of business presnetations and lectures with ASUS ZenWatch. Presentation Control lets you easily move between slides, track your progress, and keep an eye on the elapsed time, helping you to focus on the material you are presenting.