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Delivering the incredible

We are committed to providing reliable solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes. With decades of innovation experience, we understand businesses today need incredible partners they can trust to achieve their goals, stay ahead of the competition, and thrive in an ever-changing business environment.
ASUS Business
Upgrade to Incredible
Technology is constantly evolving. By upgrading to new and reliable technologies, businesses can increase efficiency and productivity, enhance customer experiences, and create new opportunities for revenue and expansion. That’s why we are dedicated to enabling businesses to achieve their full potential through the incredible power of technology.
Two empolyees are discussing together happily with a ASUS laptop holding on hand.
Always-on reliability
We are committed to delivering reliable devices and services you can trust while creating positive, meaningful change in the environment. With 5,000+ world- class engineers, we build rock-solid products with a commitment to sustainability, from operations to product design. Our products are built to military-grade standards, hold hundreds of world records and have been honored with tens of thousands of awards.
Four employees are discussing together in a meeting room.
Agile solutions
We offer a wide range of agile solutions that are deeply rooted in industry and customer insights, flexibly designed with your growth vision in mind. From motherboards, PCs and peripherals to servers, software and integration with every cloud, we design solutions that fit your needs today — and tomorrow. And back it all with a range of flexible service options, for the reassurance you need.
Two empolyees are discussing together with a ASUS ExpertBook on the desk.
All-around support
Our support goes beyond devices. We provide dedicated assistance from the first conversation, proactively addressing your needs every step of the way. Whether it’s a dedicated account team, a door-to-door delivery and return service or continuous feedback-tracking to understand and reflect your needs for future products and services, we’re tirelessly dedicated to being your trusted, long-term partner.
One cloth e-shop staff is checking information on an ASUS Chromebook and another staff is scanning barcode on the package box.
Added value
We believe value means more than the cost of ownership. That’s why we always seek to push the status quo: to discover new, better ways to serve you. From modular product design that allows easier repair, to tailor-made service packages, to end-to-end partnership support for IT managers, we’ll never stop seeking ways to help you maximize the value of your ASUS Business solutions.
The ASUS Business advantage
Everyday benefits for your business
ASUS Business does more than merely provide IT solutions and support. We’re focused on achieving excellence in everything we do, so you can too.
A man is using ASUS ExpertBook laptop on high mountian.
Military-grade strength
ASUS Business devices are certified to withstand drops, shakes, and knocks —ready to go the distance.
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Employees are working in office with ASUS Expert series devices on their desk.
Simplified business processes
ASUS Business management solutions streamline routine tasks — saving time and money.
A customer service staff wearing headphone is talking on the call and using ASUS laptop.
Maximum support, minimal effort
Our service packages can be tailored to any business need to protect both the hardware — and your business.
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Custom-made business solutions
Your commercial demands are our command
Technology is rapidly changing the way business users work. Businesses have a strong need for innovative solutions to adapt to change and to compete. ASUS Business has forged strong partnerships that allow us to create comprehensive solutions for any commercial need or industrial scenario. Whatever your demand, we’ll take care of it — empowering you to focus on expanding and accelerating your business.
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Kids are using their own ASUS BR1100 laptop in classrom and one teacher is teaching a girl, looking at the laptop together.
Empower educators. Inspire the future.
Create the best learning experiences with ready-to-go devices and solutions from ASUS that let students and educators connect in innovative ways.
Learn more about education solution
Learn more about education solution
Employees are in a meeting room with ASUS ExpertBook laptops on the desk.
Small & Medium business
Reach new heights with productivity-boosting technology
Reach new heights with business technology from ASUS that boosts productivity and embraces flexible working, while keeping your business secure.
Learn more about small & medium business solution
Learn more about small & medium business solution
A group of employees are in a meeting room with ASUS ExpertBook laptops on the desk.
Enterprising IT management for future-facing businesses
ASUS lets you speed up digital transformation to streamline IT management and enhance security, so you can grow your business and retain top talent in the modern world of work.
Learn more about enterprise solution
Learn more about enterprise solution
A cloth shop staff is talking to a customer with a ASUS ExpertBook B3 detachable laptop on her hand.
Retail & Hospitality
Transform the way customers experience your brand
Move beyond the transactional and embrace innovative, intuitive technology from ASUS to elevate your brand experiences and create safer environments in-person and online.
Learn more about retail & hospitality solution
Learn more about retail & hospitality solution
Two doctors are looking at their ASUS ExpertBook B3 detachable laptop with smile.
Reimagine modern healthcare
Equip frontline staff and back-office workers with digital tools from ASUS that provide the best patient experience and ensure data security.
Learn more about healthcare solution
Learn more about healthcare solution
Government employees are in a meeting room.
Technology for government to build a better future
Transform your processes with digital tools from ASUS that make data-sharing safer and easier, so together you can create change for communities everywhere.
Learn more about government solution
Learn more about government solution
Two manufacturing employees are duscussing together in a facrory and one of the employee is holding an ASUS ExpertBook B3 detachable laptop.
Move fast. Gain the edge. Lead the way.
ASUS lets you respond to industry changes and address the needs of a changing workforce, so you can stay ahead of the competition and grow further.
Learn more about manufacturing solution
Learn more about manufacturing solution
A car engineer is checking the parts of a car with its hood open and he is holding an ASUS ExpertBook B3 detachable laptop.
Architecture, Engineering & Construction
Build the future with high-performance technology
Be ready for anything with durable, high-performance technology from ASUS that lets you realize your vision – even in harsh environments.
Learn more about architecture, engineering & construction solution
Learn more about architecture, engineering & construction solution
Four creatives employees are working in the office and two of them are discussing video editing together with ASUS ExpertCenter desktop and ProArt monitors on the desk.
Media & Entertainment
Realize your creative potential
Take creative work to the next level with digital solutions from ASUS that offer greater flexibility and easier collaboration.
Learn more about media & entertainment solution
Learn more about media & entertainment solution
A man is monitoring stock market real-time information by ASUS ExpertBook laptop with two monitors on the desk.
Stay flexible. Stay secure. Stay ahead.
ASUS brings you technology and solutions designed especially for remote working. So you know your data is safe, wherever your team might be.
Learn more about finance solution
Learn more about finance solution
Environmental, Social, and Governance
Sustaining an incredible future
We always search for the incredible. We believe that you, too, share the same passion for making an incredible impact on the world. For us, our commitment to environmental, social, and governance is to empower you and everyone else we work with to push forward for a more sustainable future.  Let’s make it sustainable — together.
We collaborate with stakeholders to create a cleaner environment and mitigate the impact of climate change by increasing our energy efficiency, utilizing renewable energy, and fostering innovation.
We leverage Design Thinking and technological innovation to develop eco-friendly products, making our business model more environmentally-friendly to minimize our impact on the planet.
We work together with our partners to ensure environmental, labor, and human rights responsibility in our supply chain, protecting the rights of everyone our business touches.
We explore innovations in digital inclusion, cross-sector collaborations, and sustainable business models that can create shared value for all.
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ASUS Awards & Recognitions

ASUS is dedicated to pursuing innovation and the highest level of quality in everything we do. We aspire to become the world’s most admired innovative leading technology enterprise, and our ever-growing portfolio of products and services continues to garner global attention.
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Top Regarded Company
Forbes named ASUS in the its Top Regarded Companies annual survey, for trustworthiness, social conduct and performance.
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The World’s Most Admired
Fortune ranked ASUS as one of the world’s most admired companies for five consecutive years, and a technology industry leader.
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No. 1 most valuable brand
We’ve topped Interbrand’s annual survey for the past eight years, and ranked as Taiwan’s most valuable brand for seven consecutive years.
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Top 100 Global Innovator
ASUS entered the Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators 2021 report, alongside the world’s finest innovators, for its track record in securing important, impactful patents.
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Best Business Choice Laptop
ASUS was elected the winner of the Best Choice 2021 award for laptops running Windows and the Windows laptop brand that the readers were most likely to recommend to others.
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Innovative Product Design
ASUS achieved a record-breaking high of 32 accolades in the 2022 iF Design Awards, and an additional seven iF World Design Index recognitions for its world-class design excellence.

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