ASUS Reveals TUF Gaming K7 & ROG Strix CTRL Gaming Keyboards, ROG Gaming Keycap Set



  • ROG Strix CTRL: Xccurate design features an enlarged control key with two added side-stabilizers to maximize accuracy in games, per-key Aura Sync RGB illumination, Media and Fn Lock quick-toggle switch design, durable aluminum top plate construction, powerful Armoury II software for macros, and re-mapping and disabling of keys, onboard memory
  • ASUS TUF Gaming K7: Light-based actuation with TUF Optical-Mech switches, IP56 certification, durable aluminum top plate, magnetic and detachable wrist rest, per-key Aura Sync RGB illumination, onboard memory
  • ROG Gaming Keycap Set: 7 alpha keys QWERASD with ROG eye mosaic design and textured for improved control, and 1 aluminum-covered escape key

Markham, Canada (January 7, 2019) - Today, ASUS is excited to reveal the Republic of Gamers (ROG) Strix CTRL and TUF Gaming K7 gaming keyboards. The ROG Strix CTRL mechanical keyboard was designed with the most discerning gamers in mind. An oversized Ctrl key creates a larger target when you need to crouch, walk, dock, or lie prone in your favorite first-person shooter. Media keys put audio controls in easy reach. Per-key RGB LEDs with Aura Sync support facilitate endless customization options. And of course, a host of performance optimizations ensure hardware never holds you back in a competitive match. The ASUS TUF Gaming K7 optical keyboard is no slouch either with faster actuation, near-instantaneous switch response time, and durability that exceeds anything mechanical switches can offer. An aluminum top plate, per-key RGB lighting, and a compact, frameless design ensures a stylish look that upgrades the look of the entire setup. The ROG Gaming Keycap Set is made for gamers looking to tailor the feel of their keyboard while adding gamer flair.

ROG Strix CTRL - Take CTRL

On most keyboards, Ctrl is barely bigger than a regular alpha key, and it can be tough to hit accurately with a pinky finger. But in a lot of games, it’s the default for important actions like walking and crouching. In games, a misclick can be lethal. ROG created the Xccurate design on the Strix CTRL by enlarging the Ctrl key, making it as wide as the left Shift key, and adding two side-stabilizers to improve accuracy. To accommodate the extra size, the right Windows key was nixed. Most gamers disable that key anyway to avoid accidentally triggering the Start menu in the heat of action. The left Windows key was also shortened to make it less of a target.

A Gaming Mode in the Armoury II software can be used to lock out the remaining Windows key altogether, along with other undesirable combinations like Alt + Tab and Alt + F4. Armoury II also allows the remapping of keys on the ROG Strix CTRL, so the easier-to-reach Ctrl key can be set to other convenient options.

Another menu in Armoury II provides an interface for recording, adjusting, and saving macros. While the Alt key labeled “Macro” allows one to be created on-the-fly. There’s enough memory built-in to the ROG Strix CTRL for one default profile and five custom configurations. Just press Fn + 1-6 to switch between them.

The perks

No gaming keyboard is complete without eye-catching lighting. The ROG Strix CTRL features per-key RGB LEDs, plus an illuminated ROG logo. Aura Sync compatibility means the ROG Strix CTRL can match with other Aura-enabled components.