[Motherboard]Troubleshooting-How to fix Motherboard WI-FI connect problem

[Motherboard]Troubleshooting-How to fix Motherboard WI-FI connect problem

It is necessary to confirm whether the problem is  the wireless controller, the network equipment (Switch / route  etc.) or the ISP

This troubleshooting is for the abnormal wireless network of the motherboard (for example, the Wi Fi icon disappears, Wi Fi is unable to connect, Wi Fi has no signal and other common symptoms)

Suppose you have a motherboard with WI-FI and a smart phone in your home, both connect with Wi Fi

If the motherboard wi-fi and smart phones both are unable to connect to the Internet. It is usually caused by network devices or ISP. It is recommended to try to restart the network devices, or contact the ISP for service

The motherboard cannot connect to the Internet, but the smart phone can  → Please follow below troubleshooting 


1.Confirm whether WI-FI function is disable

2.confirm and connect to WI-FI

3.Update WI-FI driver

4.Load default of the network setting

5.fix Windows network connect problem

6.update BIOS


1. Confirm whether WI-FI function is disable

If you click the network connection icon,  the Wi Fi and action hotspot icons are not displayed,

please confirm whether the Wi Fi option in the device administrator or in the BIOS is turned off, refer to Q2 & A2

2. confirm and connect to WI-FI

    (for example: TUF GAMING B550-PLUS WI-FI)

a. click the network icorn and select the root, for example, ASUS_Router

b. click [Connect] item

c. Enter the network security key and chlick [Next]

d. It show as below[Connected, secured]

3. Update WI-FI driver

a. go to ASUS website and serach the motherboard name

for example:TUF GAMING B550-PLUS(WI-FI)


c. Click and select the 

d. find and download the Lan driver 

e. extract the dowmload lan driver and run setu.exe as admin



4. Load default of the network setting

a. click Windows start icorn and then click [Settings]

b. Click [Network & Internet] and then click [Network reset]

c. Click [Reset now] and Confirm [Yes]

5. fix Windows network connect problem

Refer to the suggestions provided by Microsoft, you can try to fix the problem to 修復Windows的網路連線問題

6. Update BIOS

If above serups still can't fix WI-FI connect problem ,please update BIOS to latest BIOS version

please refer FAQ: How to update BIOS of the motherboard



Q1: how to fix Wi-Fi signal is weak?


a. please confirm whether connect Wi-Fi Antenna,as below picture

b. If the signal is still weak,please check the root WI-FI signal,refer FAQ: How to improve reception of wireless signals(reduce wireless interference)


Q2:How to check whether WI-FI adapter is disable or not in Device Manger?


Click windows 10 start icorn and select [Device Manager]

b. Confirm WI-FI network adapter is disable or not ,below is diable state

c. Select [Enable device] as below picture

How to check whether WI-FI adapter is disable or not in BIOS setup?

(for example:TUF GAMING B550-PLUS WI-FI)

a. press <DEL>key to enter BIOS [EZ Mode] 

b. press <F7>key to enter BIOS[Advanced Mode]

c. select [Advanced]and [Onboard Devices Configuration] item

d. [Wi-Fi] Controller is [Disabled] as below picture

e. set [Wi-Fi Controller] to [Enabled]

f. Press<F10>key and then click<OK>