23" FHD all-in-one PC with 10-point capacitive touch and innovative gesture control

    • Innovative multi-function base with NFC, wireless charger and Ai Crosslink
    • Intuitive gesture control for hands-free entertainment
    • 23-inch IPS panel, Full HD 1920 x 1080 LED-backlit display for HD media playback
    • 10-point capacitive multi-touch display can be used with fingers, pencil or stylus
    • 1TB SSHD fuse the blazing speed of SSD with the high capacity of a hard drive
      • Elegant Design
      • Uncompromising Performance
      • Gesture Control
      • Beautiful Display
      • Immersive Audio
      • Intuitive Touch
      • Multi-function Base
      • Comprehensive Connections
      • Industry-leading Reliability
      • Built-in Apps
      The All-in-One PC ET2323 Series has everything you need — display, processor, graphics, storage, memory and more — all housed in a sleek and self-contained design. Evolved from the outstanding ET2321, winner of a 2014 CES Innovation Award, ET2323 gives you the very latest processors and upgraded graphics for a smooth, powerful computing experience. It's beautiful too, with an ultra-slim 10-point multi-touch display and an elegantly-sculpted metallic stand. Additionally, an innovative new multi-function base with wireless charging and NFC capabilities is available as an option. The comprehensive I/O ports are cleverly located at the rear to keep your cables tidy, so the ET2323 not only looks supremely stylish and chic, but blends into any home or office space with ease.

      Designed for Living

      Sense and space: sophistication and elegance in harmony

      Sense and Space: this is what we call our design philosophy for ASUS desktop PCs. Compact, self-contained devices make it easier to keep your surroundings clean and free from clutter, whether you need a great workspace that lets you concentrate on important tasks, or just a calm place to kick back and relax.

      Sense and Space defines how an ASUS desktop PC shapes the atmosphere and aesthetics of a room. It takes concepts such as simplicity, intuition, vigor, harmony and musicality, and embodies them using the latest, most innovative technology. The result? The All-in-One PC that's like no other – the ASUS ET23 Series.

      The silver, sculpted stand used in the ASUS ET23 Series is inspired by elegant works of art. Just like a sculpture, the stand curves gracefully from the base. Uniquely, the hinge mechanism connects to the rear of ET23 Series to give it a sophisticated, organic appearance.

      Uncompromising Performance

      Faster and smoother for everyday tasks.
      Enjoy a world of power-saving efficiency thanks to the latest technology.

      Powerful Intel dual-core processor

      Powered by the all-new 5th-generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor — which is based on Intel's latest 14-nanometer manufacturing technology — the ET2323 Series consumes less energy, but still delivers outstanding performance. Switch seamlessly between applications for effortless multitasking when web surfing, making animated presentations or creating music or home videos — and you'll spend less time waiting when doing demanding tasks thanks to Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, which delivers an automatic burst of speed whenever it's required. The ET2323 Series meets all your performance needs.

      Advanced graphics for immersive multimedia

      ASUS All-in-One PC ET2323 Series gives you the choice of two premium graphic solutions. Choose from fast Intel integrated graphics, or NVIDIA® GeForce® GT840M graphics that can deliver even faster performance for more demanding tasks! With ASUS ET2323 Series, you will be able to preview and render HD video faster, save more time when sharing high-quality photos with friends, and enjoy smoother animation as well as improved responsiveness when playing the latest games.

      Sold-state hybrid drive — uncompromising speed with high capacity

      Now you have the option to equip your ASUS All-in-One PC with a solid-state hybrid drive (SSHD) — an exciting new technology that combines the high storage capacity of a traditional hard drive with super-fast flash memory to boost storage performance. It not only reduces the boot time of your All-in-One PC, but also improves your computing experience by loading apps faster and giving greater overall system responsiveness.

      Gesture Control

      Hands-free entertainment.

      Imagine controlling multimedia players or browsing the internet from up to five meters away from your computer. ASUS ET2323 Series makes it all possible with Advanced Hand-Gesture Recognition Software (HGRS) that uses the built-in camera to accurately interpret movements. Play songs or videos, adjust player settings, or zoom and rotate photos — all from a distance, without ever touching a screen, keyboard or mouse.

      Stunning 23-inch Full HD Display

      Immerse yourself in vibrant high-definition images

      Razor-sharp Full HD from almost any angle

      Built with industry-leading technology, the ET2323 features a large, bright LED-backlit display that enables an ultra-slim design. On the stunning edge-to-edge 23-inch widescreen display, which uses in-plane switching (IPS) technology, you'll experience a better picture from nearly any angle, making sharing the screen with friends and family more enjoyable. The Full HD 1920x1080 resolution lets you enjoy games and movies in perfect detail with amazing color and contrast.

      Vibrant, Vivid, Viva!

      Everything you see on the brilliant display is vivid and vibrant. Enjoy true-to-life colors with every image, whether it's a beautiful sunset, a clear blue sky or a family snapshot.

      SonicMaster Premium audio technology

      High-fidelity sound optimized by audio experts

      SonicMaster Premium
      Rich, crystal-clear sound

      The ET2323 has built-in stereo speakers, plus internal and external subwoofers1, all powered by ASUS SonicMaster Premium technology for the ultimate audio experience. Enjoy deeper and richer bass, wider frequency response, true-to-life surround sound, powerful output, distinct vocals, and pristine clarity. Every song, movie, and game sounds better, thanks to carefully-balanced dynamic audio.

      Easy audio tuning

      ASUS AudioWizard has five preset modes for music, movie, gaming, recording, and speech that make it easy to tailor the sound to suit your preferences and listening environment, ensuring lifelike sound in music, movies and games. The unique interface puts you first, so it's intuitive and user-friendly, with quick and direct access to your settings plus the flexibility to optimize it to your liking.

      10-point multi-touch technology

      The world at your fingertips

      ASUS All-in-One PC Series represents a technological leap in touchscreen interactivity, with full 10-finger multi-touch capability. Pinch-to-zoom, rotate images and scroll through webpages, all with ease. With its projected capacitive touchscreen technology, ET2323 gives you outstanding accuracy, effortless control in Windows 8, and an optimum touch experience. The smooth and responsive touchscreen makes swiping, scrolling, and all other gestures quicker, more intuitive, and incredibly enjoyable.

      And what's more, ASUS All-in-One PC ET2323 is the first to have a touchscreen that's sensitive and accurate enough to allow you to use a pencil for drawing or writing! This brand new experience will transform the way you use your PC, and give you new ways to interact with the amazing touch capabilities of Windows.

      Innovative multi-function base

      Efficient and convenient leading-edge technology

      ET2323 features an innovative optional multi-function base that adds even more state-of-the-art technology to your All-in-One PC, with a Qi wireless charger, a near-field communications (NFC) contactless sensor and a specially-designed USB port for hassle-free data transfers using ASUS Ai Crosslink.

      Wireless charger — ditch the power cables!

      Fed up with fiddling with connectors and cables when charging your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player? The built-in wireless charger on ASUS All-in-One PC ET2323 frees you from cables, allowing you to charge any device that supports the Qi inductive power standard. Simply place your device on the multi-function base, and an indicator light shows you when the device is fully charged and ready to take away. For the ultimate convenience, the wireless charger on ASUS ET2323 works perfectly even when the All-in-One PC is turned off.

      Ai Crosslink

      NFC — easy logins, photo backups and more!

      Photo Express – Instantly back up photos in your NFC device to your desktop

      Sharing photos between your NFC-enabled smartphone and PC have never been this easy! NFC technology allows you to simply tap your NFC-enabled device on ASUS All-in-One PC ET2323 to transfer photos and videos. It also differentiates between files that have already been synced, and will only back up the latest files.

      Quick Launch – open your favorite apps with just a tap

      Make shortcuts to your favorite applications, games, and websites on your NFC-enabled devices and launch them with a simple tap on the ET2323 multi-function base. This is perfect for quickly launching the content you access most often. You can set up multiple quick-launch functions on your smart devices to make life easier, allowing you to launch weather and news updates, music players and more, or access your social media sites with a simple tap on your PC.

      Windows 8 Logon – password-free access

      With just a tap, you can log in instantly to Windows without having to type in your password, activating your ASUS ET2323 wirelessly with a simple touch of your NFC-enabled device.

      Wireless charger
      Ai Crosslink

      Ai Crosslink — the hassle-free way to transfer files and share devices between PCs

      ASUS Ai Crosslink is a convenient technology that lets you control two separate Windows PCs. You can move the mouse pointer seamlessly between two PCs, use one keyboard for two PCs, share the same clipboard and even transfer files by dragging and dropping — without the hassle of a USB flash drive or external hard drive!

      Switch seamlessly between two Windows systems
      Simply move the mouse pointer to the edge of one PC display to take control of the other.
      Full keyboard control
      Use ET2323's mouse and keyboard to control applications running on the second PC — and vice versa.
      Clipboard sharing
      Copy and paste from one PC to the other
      File transfers
      Move files from one PC to the other by dragging and dropping.
      Wireless charger

      Ports and Connections

      Advanced super speed I/O together with latest technology
      to comprehend all your needs

      Ultra-fast USB 3.0 with smart charging

      SuperSpeed USB 3.0 lets you recharge your smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices up to 50% faster2 and transfer data between devices up to 10 times faster than USB 2.03. What's more, ASUS Ai Charger II charges your smartphones and tablets without having to leave your PC switched on for added convenience and power savings.

      Convenient ports for optimized entertainment

      The ET2323 Series can be used as a secondary Full HD display for other PCs, laptops and tablet via its HDMI-in port, while HDMI-out can connect to an HDTV for big-screen entertainment. An optional TV tuner lets you watch your favorite shows with just plug and play, too, while the Electronic Program Guide means with scheduled recording means you'll never miss a moment4.Finally, the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology conveniently connects the PC to the wireless keyboard and mouse, as well as other Bluetooth-enabled devices for a complete home PC experience.

      Seamless wireless file-sharing and ultra-fast connection

      Your important data is always within reach with ASUS storage innovations. Thanks to 100GB of free ASUS WebStorage5, keep your data safe in the cloud, accessing it anywhere and anytime, and share it easily with family and friends. The ET2323 Series also lets you connect on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi with the latest 5G 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter, for up to three times faster performance than current generation 802.11n Wi-Fi and more reliable signal strength.

      Industry-leading Reliability

      Quality you can trust.

      ASUS Desktops – Most recommended Windows desktop brand

      Innovation, design and reliability are at the heart of all ASUS computers. Winning Readers' Choice for overall satisfaction for the second year in a row, and for the third successive year in the home category, is proof that ASUS is better at delivering what customers want than rival Windows desktop PC companies. As says: “If you want a Windows desktop PC, ASUS is the best choice”6.

      Built-in Apps

      Produce, play and share.

      1. External subwoofer available with select models. Check an ASUS reseller for exact specifications.
      2. By optimized USB 3.0 port of Ai Charger ll
      3. USB 3.0 performance for reference purpose only. Actual performance may vary by product settings.
      4. TV tuner option available in select regions only. Check an ASUS reseller for exact specifications.
      5. 100GB ASUS WebStorage free for 1 year.
      6. Reprinted from with permission. © 2014 Ziff Davis, Inc. All Rights Reserved.