The Perfect Fit for Work and Play

    • Whole new Intel® Core™ processor family for enhanced multitasking and mobile computing performance
    • ASUS Power4Gear with automatically adjusts fan speeds for quieter computing
    • Palm Proof Technology disables the touchpad for uninterrupted typing and accuracy
      Mobile Computing Performance

      Equipped with the latest Intel® Core™ processor family, the ASUS A42Jr delivers the best mobile multitasking performance in its class, be it for multimedia entertainment or productivity.

      Stylishly Slim Profile and Smudge-proof Palm Rest

      The ASUS A42Jr is designed to be your everyday computing companion, which is why it features a slim profile which allows you to carry it everywhere you go. The smudge-proof palm rest resists fingerprints, and helps the ASUS A42Jr retain its magnificent appearance all day, everyday.

      SmartLogon for convenient facial recognition access

      SmartLogon allows you to log on via facial recognition. It even learns how to recognize you in varying amounts of brightness, or whether you are wearing any headgear. It provides you with convenient, key-less entry for instant enjoyment.

      Your Style, Your Keyboards

      The Chiclet keyboard features wider key-caps for dust prevention.

      Intuitive Multi-touch Touchpad

      A multitouch touchpad allows you to zoom in or out of pictures, or even scrolling up and down pages with minimal effort.

      Power4Gear with self-adjusting fan speeds for quiet computing and saves battery at the same time

      Power4Gear with a self-adjusting fan helps you conserve battery power and provides a quieter computing environment.

      Palm Proof Technology for automatic palm detection for typing accuracy

      The ASUS A42Jr features Palm Proof Technology, which intelligently analyzes the differences between palm and finger contact surfaces, and prevents the mouse cursor from accidentally moving while typing.

      A Compelling Multimedia Experience

      A 14-inch high definition LED panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio display adorns the ASUS A42Jr, complemented by SRS Premium Sound™ via Altec Lansing® speakers for a compelling multimedia experience. With HDMI support, the expansion possibilities are limitless, connecting to HDMI-capable TVs, consoles and entertainment systems.

      Sunken Hinge

      The sunken hinge design provides a more comfortable viewing experience while on-the-move