ASUS Announces Glamorfy App at Computex 2015


Innovative app enables real-time facial beautification with video chat integration and highly-accurate color for virtual makeovers

ASUS today showcased Glamorfy, a real-time video beautification app for Windows that enables users to give themselves a ‘virtual makeover’ for use in live video chat or other live video applications.

Glamorfy is an exclusive augmented reality (AR) app developed by ASUS. Glamorfy will initially be available on selected laptops, with wider hardware support planned for future versions.

Real-time video beautification with video chat integration

Until now, digital beautification has been mostly limited to static photographs or as a post-processing video effect. Glamorfy ushers in a new era with its ability to add realistic-looking cosmetic effects to a subject in a real-time video stream, for example in Skype video calls. This video chat integration sets Glamorfy apart from other apps, and means that users can now easily give themselves an instant virtual makeover so that they look their best before chatting online with friends or family.

ASUS PixelMaster Video HDR fixes lighting problems

With the exclusive PixelMaster Video HDR (high-dynamic-range) capabilities, users don’t need to worry about dim ambient lighting or strong backlighting during video chats. The Video HDR feature compensates for such problems automatically in real-time, ensuring that the video image is always perfectly exposed over the entire image area, with the added benefit of showing true and accurate skin tones.

Coming soon: Try-before-you buy cosmetics!

The amazingly-accurate color rendering and 3D imaging capability in Glamorfy gives it the potential to allow users to try out virtual versions of real cosmetics before they buy them. The accurate display of skin tones and colors enabled by Glamorfy means that users can see exactly what the effect of a particular cosmetic product would be on their skin. The exclusive algorithms used in Glamorfy allow the virtual cosmetics to be blended realistically on the skin for a truly lifelike effect. With Glamorfy, users could avoid the problem of buying unsuitable cosmetics or accessories online, and ASUS believes this represents a unique opportunity for cosmetic manufacturers to engage with potential customers.