ASUS Servers and Workstations Microcode Update for Speculative Execution and Indirect Branch Prediction Side Channel Analysis Method


ASUS is aware that the current Intel® microcode version might be subject to recently identified security vulnerabilities. We are working diligently to provide BIOS updates that address these vulnerabilities for the ASUS server, server motherboard, workstation, and workstation motherboard product lines. We recommend customers update their systems by downloading and applying the latest BIOS, as soon as the relevant revision becomes available. We encourage customers to review Intel’s Security Advisory for information, including appropriate identification and mitigation measures. For detailed information of the security issues, please visit the Intel Security Center.

*Please refer to below product list.

ASUS Solutions

To enhance resiliency to the side channel analysis method, ASUS will provide BIOS update solutions. With the latest Windows OS Hot Fix update, your system will be well protected.

(1)ASUS BIOS Update

Please find our first wave model list below and download BIOS from ASUS Support Site ; more details will be added to this document as they become available.

Model Name
BIOS Version
Server Motherboard Z11PR-D16 Series 0601
Z11PA-D8 Series 0501
Z11PA-U12 Series 0702
P10S-E/4L Series 4101
P10S-C/4L Series 4101
P10S-V/4L Series 4101
P10S-X Series 4101
P10S-M Series 4101
P10S-M-DC Series 4101
P10S-I Series 4101
Z10PE-D16 Series 3601
Z10PA-D8 Series Jan/E
Z10PA-U8 Series