ASUS Announces Cavium ThunderX-Based Server Platforms


New 48-core ARM-powered products for ultra-efficient data center and high-performance computing

ASUS today announced new servers and server boards based on Cavium’s (NASDAQ: CAVM) ThunderX™ 64-bit, 48-core ARM® platform and designed to deliver extreme efficiency, expandability and enhanced-usability design for premium performance in data centers, high-performance computing and enterprise, as well as small and medium business (SMB) environments.

The new ThunderX-based ASUS servers and server boards outperform the regular two-socket server applications in cloud workloads and HPC benchmarks. The ASUS ARM platforms feature premium components for premium efficiency while the system runs at its full-throttle performance.

Commenting on the partnership with Cavium, General Manager of ASUS Server Business Unit, Robert Chin, said: “ASUS has a long, trusted and proud standing in the server field. We’re honored to partner with Cavium to offer our customers optimized ThunderX ARM systems that deliver unparalleled performance and utmost energy efficiency.”

Gopal Hegde, Vice President and General Manager of Cavium’s Datacenter Processor Group remarked: “With two-socket capability, great power efficiency, and built-in hardware acceleration, customer demand for our high-performance ThunderX ARM processors continues to grow. We are delighted to be working with ASUS, and we look forward to supporting this industry leader on a number of innovative new server designs.”

Ultra-efficient performance and maximum applications combined

The ThunderX product family delivers best-in-class 64-bit ARMv8 datacenter and cloud processors. These high-performance processors support both single- and dual-socket configurations, have high memory bandwidth and capacity, and include integrated accelerators for optimal workload performance.

The ASUS ThunderX-based server platform a great variety of applications in compute, storage, networking and security. The platform also optimized for applications, like Ceph, cloud, big data and scale-out web workloads.

Optimized layout, unobstructed airflow, maximum cooling and flexible fan controls

The supreme efficiency, performance and durability of the new ThunderX ARM servers and server boards are carefully optimized for high-density rack-mounted configurations, enabling the best possible thermal performance. ASUS server internals are also free from messy cabling, proving a clear and direct airflow channel for superbly-efficient heat dissipation.

ASUS servers and server boards have flexible fan controls, with a choice of automated or manual operation. In automatic mode, the highly-accurate temperature sensor detects the CPU’s workload and adjusts the fan speeds accordingly. In manual mode, the administrator is free to decide the fan speed to meet demand.