ASUS 100 Days of Zen Competition Unleashes Global Wave of Creativity


Taipei, Taiwan, 29th July, 2015 - ASUS today announced early success in its innovative 100 Days of Zen competition, a 100-day-long creative photography initiative led by Instagram sensation Robert Jahns (@nois7 on Instagram).

The competition launched on 7th July, 2015 and already fans of both ZenFone 2 and Robert from all around the world have uploaded thousands of striking images to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #100DaysOfZen. Record numbers of users have visited and engaged with the competition site at

Inspired by Robert’s work and showcasing the incredible photography capabilities of ZenFone 2’s PixelMaster camera, this worldwide initiative encourages everyday artists to create and share an incredible image of their own making, based on a series of photos taken by Robert with ZenFone 2.

Inspiring the creativity of users is the key idea behind the competition. “Many images I create are built on two important elements: collaboration and inspiration. Collaborations are at the heart of my work. And with each piece I create, I’m aiming to make people smile and to inspire them with something that’s incredible, beautiful and new,” says Robert.

“A lot of my work is done on a smartphone, including shooting, editing and creating. I’ve been using the ZenFone 2 professionally for several months now. With the 100 Days of Zen competition, I’m inviting people from all corners of the world to be inspired by the photos I’ve taken on the ZenFone 2 and to get creative making an incredible image. You can imagine anything with the technology that’s in your reach — just get started!”

Erik Hermanson, Head of Marketing – Mobile at ASUS says, “Robert Jahns is one of Instagram’s most imaginative storytellers and the ZenFone 2’s most inspirational collaborator. 100 Days of Zen has only been live for a short time, but already the submissions we’re seeing are mind-blowing! ZenFone 2 is connecting with a brand new audience who share our passion for photography and self-expression.”

Hermanson continues, “ZenFone 2 packs an incredible PixelMaster camera, it’s a facilitator for creativity. The 100 Days of Zen submissions are a testament to that — it’s earning a place in the hearts, and back pockets, of photography enthusiasts across the world.”

The competition is seeing incredible entries from everyday artists from all corners of the world. A selection of entries received in the first week are attached to this press release, and all submissions can be viewed on the competition website.

100 Days of Zen: Set creativity free!

100 Days of Zen invites amateur digital artists from all over the globe to demonstrate their creativity, with the dual temptations of international glory and the chance to win fabulous prizes.

For the competition, Robert Jahns joined forces with ASUS to create an exclusive series of 14 breathtaking new images to celebrate the release of the flagship ASUS smartphone, ZenFone 2. Collaborating with photographers from around the world, each image is inspired by ZenFone 2 and captures the brand’s ability to See What Others Can’t See. Fans can view the latest images on the competition website.

Entry to the 100 Days of Zen competition is both entertaining and easy. Contestants should visit the 100 Days of Zen website at and choose a photo from a gallery of beautiful originals captured with ZenFone 2. Entrants are then encouraged