ASUSPRO Business Desktops Achieve Industry-Leading Reliability


B-Series commercial desktop PCs certified by Chinese National Computer Testing Center with an MTBF of over 630,000 hours

ASUS today announced that its ASUSPRO B-Series commercial PCs (including the BM Series, BP Series and BT Series) have been certified by the National Computer Testing Center (NCTC) — an authoritative research institute in China — as having a mean time between failures (MTBF) rating of more than 630,000 hours. This remarkable achievement makes ASUSPRO B-Series one of the worldwide leaders in MTBF ratings for commercial PCs.

The MTBF1 rating of desktop PCs is often taken into account during the procurement process by enterprise and public sector customers. With this impressive result, ASUSPRO B-Series PCs cement their competitive position as a match in terms of reliability for commercial desktop PCs from any manufacturer worldwide.

Discover the ASUSPRO advantage

ASUSPRO B-Series desktop PCs owe their outstanding reliability and durability to incredibly-stringent product-testing and manufacturing procedures. They are subjected to a series of rigorous quality and endurance tests, including noise tests, vibration tests, drop tests and thermal shock tests, before they are shipped to customers. ASUSPRO desktop PCs are tested to withstand both the rigors of transportation and the wear and tear of continuous daily use, to ensure guaranteed quality and reliability throughout the product's life.

ASUS desktop PC quality and reliability has been praised worldwide by both media and users. ASUS desktop PCs have won the Readers' Choice award for overall satisfaction for two years in a row — proof that ASUS is better at fulfilling customers’ needs than rival Windows desktop PC companies.

* 1MTBF is a purely theoretical figure, and is not an indication of individual product reliability or lifespan.