ASUS IoT Announces AIoT Partner Alliance Event in Budapest, Hungary


TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 16, 2024 —ASUS IoT, the global AIoT solution provider, today announced that it will host its annual AIoT Partner Alliance Event in Budapest, Hungary, from April 15–17, 2024. The event will bring together more than 90 partners from various industries to engage in the co-winning approach that characterizes the ASUS AIoT partner program to showcase AI innovations for smart city, smart retail and smart manufacturing solutions. Intel®, as a long-standing partner of ASUS, sponsors this event.
ASUS IoT has established strong partnerships with leaders across diverse industries. In Hungary, ASUS IoT is working with local partners on multiple government projects that will be prominently featured at the event as an example of how AIoT technology is transforming daily life in areas such as smart parking, traffic management, transportation hub security, smart lighting and waste management.
"We are excited to showcase the limitless capabilities of AI through our AI-enabled devices," said Jackie Hsu, ASUS SVP and Co-Head of the Open Platform Business Group and AIoT Business Group. "In particular, our partnership with Intel has allowed us to deliver top-tier performance and user experiences through innovative design. We have expanded our business from consumer PCs to commercial and industrial usages, and we are committed to driving AI innovation across various sectors."
The AIoT Partner Alliance Event will also feature key partners who have played a significant role in the successful development of a wide range of ASUS IoT solutions. EPS Global will showcase the company’s expertise in smart city transportation, while Iridalabs will present its AI solutions for logistics, retail and manufacturing. Additionally, Macnica and Quividi will demonstrate their smart retail AI solutions, while Arrow Electronics will showcase its expertise in both smart city solutions and AI.

Packed schedule focused on smart innovation

AI-enabled devices from ASUS IoT ― including edge AI computers and NUC devices ― have revolutionized the way businesses operate. These devices leverage the power of AI to enhance productivity, efficiency and security. With the support of its strategic partners, ASUS IoT has been able to use AI to provide cutting-edge solutions to customers everywhere.
The AIoT Partner Alliance Event will serve as a platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration among industry experts. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the latest advancements in AIoT technology and witness firsthand the impact it has on various sectors. The event will feature keynote speeches and panel discussions providing valuable insights into the future of AIoT.
"We believe that collaboration is key to driving innovation," said Mr. Hsu. "By bringing together our partners, we can collectively work towards creating a smarter and more connected world. We are excited to showcase our co-winning approach and demonstrate how AIoT technology is shaping the future."
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