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The Ultimate in Customization
ASUS ZenPad Theater features an innovative interchangeable design that lets you easily customize your tablet with functional cases that provide extra features and additional color options, while perfectly matching ASUS ZenPad Theater's look.
A premium fashion accessory for ASUS ZenPad Theater
ASUS Zen Clutch is a fashion-forward cover that combines elegant styling with premium materials to provide a sophisticated carrying and protection solution for ASUS ZenPad Theater. Featuring a fine leather finish available in two vibrant colors that perfectly match ASUS ZenPad Theater, ASUS Zen Clutch has a luxurious look and feel to express your sense of style. Its unique folding design doubles as a convenient stand for typing or watching videos.
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ASUS Zen Case
Vibrant colors for your unique style
ASUS Zen Case is an easily changeable back case beautifully designed with a fine leather pattern and available in five attractive colors to match your style. Choices include Black, White, Aurora Metallic, Blue and Orange.
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ASUS Power Case
Stay charged while on the go
ASUS Power Case extends ASUS ZenPad Theater's battery life by up to 14 hours to easily get you through the day. This beautifully designed case seamlessly attaches to ASUS ZenPad Theater, perfectly matching its look and maintaining its compact size.
  • 14hours
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ASUS Audio Cover
Immersive 5.1 channel surround sound
ASUS Audio Cover brings immersive 5.1-channel surround sound to ASUS ZenPad Theater for an incredible mobile entertainment experience.
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