Zen AiO Pro 24 Z240

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Perfectly-crafted Brilliance.

ZenBook Flip is a timelessly elegant work of art, carefully crafted from a single block of metal. It’s designed to feel as good as it looks, too, with subtle but important details like the gently rounded edges. We never take the easy option, either: the signature spun-metal finish requires 32 separate steps to perfect the Zen-inspired pattern of concentric circles. Our designers pay attention to even the smallest features, such as the 25° degree undercut on the edge of the lid that makes ZenBook Flip so easy to open.


170-Grade Zircon Sand-Blasted Surface


4.5mm diameter Carbon-Steel Alloy
Uni-Body Precisely Finished Gear
Stabilized Swivel


2x more output than UX305
1240 0.4mm micro-etched holes


15-Degree Undercut Makes Opening
Intuitive and Effortless

An Engineering Marvel.

Adding a 360° hinge to a ZenBook wasn’t easy. Our design and engineering teams spent a long time working out how to reduce the size of the mechanism down to the 4.5mm diameter needed to make it fit in the ultra-slim profile. But as always, they succeeded.



Torture Tested




For maximum reliability, the hinge uses a unibody design with precision-engineered gears made from carbon-steel alloy. And to make sure it never lets you down, we torture-tested the design with over 20,000 open/close cycles. The result is that you can switch ZenBook Flip effortlessly into any mode you wish, at any time — with no hassle!

See Everything Clearly, Everywhere

More Colors, Better Colors.

The advanced QHD+ display on ZenBook Flip uses the best hardware and software components to create a best-in-class display. It has an ultra-wide color gamut of 72% NTSC, 100% sRGB and 74% Adobe RGB which, in plain language, means it can display more colors, more natural-looking and ore vivid colors than any standard display. Once you’ve experienced it, nothing else will be good enough.

In plain language, this means it can display more colors, more accurate colors and more vivid colors than any standard display. Once you have experienced it, nothing else will be good enough.




Wide Viewing Angle



Perfect Images, Always.

ASUS Splendid is the easiest way to control display settings. It has four one-click preset modes: Normal mode, Eye Care mode, Vivid mode and Manual mode. Normal mode gives you the factory-optimized settings, Eye Care mode reduces blue light levels up to 30% for comfortable viewing, and Vivid mode cleverly adjusts the display settings to give images a really vibrant and vivid appearance, without making the colors look artificial. Manual mode gives you control over the color temperature setting, so you can adjust the display to suit your own needs and preferences.

ASUS Tru2Life Technology

Pixel-perfect Video.

Pixel-perfect Video.

ASUS Tru2Life video technology makes your videos look amazing. It uses intelligent software algorithms to optimize the sharpness and contrast of every individual pixel in every single video frame — that’s over a million calculations per second — so you’ll always enjoy the best possible image quality.