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    Essentio CG1330

    Essentio CG1330

    Meant for Gamers

    • Phenom II X6 1035T, a 6-core Thuban 45nm latest generation CPU for unequalled breakthrough
    • Offering gamer spectacular visual enjoyment with the ATI Radeon® HD5750 graphics card
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    Essentio CG1330 is meant for gamers

    Unequalled efficiency breaks through all obstacles

    Essentio CG1330 is meant for gamers. It comes with the Phenom II X6 1035T, a 6-core Thuban 45nm latest generation CPU. It uses a Socket AM3, supporting a 2.4GHz hyper transport bus, and its core clock can go as high as 2.8GHz. These can surely help you win the day no matter the odds.

    Elegant and human design

    The polished curved build is inspired by the armor of warriors. In order to meet user demand for portable device placement, a media tray is provided on top of the system. The angled I/O bay up front makes it convenient for you to use the four USB ports arranged and the 16-in-1 card reader, connecting with your portable devices. This design also contributes to the excellent cooling on hand.

    elegant and human design

    Spectacular visual enjoyment

    The ATI Radeon® HD5750 graphics card with 1GB GDDR5 offers a strong GPU ideal in pushing games to their limits. It’s fully DX11 compliant and provides all the benefits the latest graphics cards deliver, resulting in vivid, fast and awe-inspiring visuals.

    8 channel surround sournd supports S/PIDF output

    Lifelike sound

    The 8 channel surround sound supports S/PIDF output for pristine reproduction. The impact of the high quality audio becomes apparent as soon as you load up the first game – or listen to favorite tracks. Even the faintest sound comes across clearly, courtesy the responsive volume controls. Expect to experience audio like never before.

    Great potential opens up new possibilities

    The gamer-oriented CG1330 anticipates your future growth with support for dual SATA and up to 4TB storage space. The dual channel DDR3 memory provides higher efficiency and more bandwidth for data handling, making the whole system much faster. There are four DIMM slots on the motherboard for further expansion and growth.