ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro.

    ROG CG7435

    ROG CG7435

    Built To Dominate the Battlefield

    From armor-inspired surfaces to the included liquid cooling module, the CG7435 has been designed to deliver both functionality and style to those who demand the best.
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      Built To Dominate the Battlefield

      Designed for ultimate performance, the ASUS CG7435 gaming system brings together unrelenting output and uncompromising reliability. Stylish and armored with toughened surfaces to withstand punishing hardcore usage, it features a liquid cooling module for complete confidence in overclocking and extreme gaming. This is the finest performance desktop on the market.


      - Front door
      The case features a faceplate that slides up, revealing extensive expandability and input options - two optical drive bays, 2 x USB, card reader, IEEE 1394, audio jacks, and two 3.5” hard drive bays. It can take extra card readers and removable media devices, and the secured door closes to offer protection against dust and unwanted access.

      - Touch Sensor
      Users can turn on the CG7435 by simply touching the illuminated sensor array, which starts boot up and begins a new adventure each time.

      - Fingerprint Scanner
      Game Gate serves as a biometric scanner, giving the CG7435 the ultimate in security and privacy. Gamers can rest easy knowing no one can turn the system on and make changes to critical settings, plus the CG7435 can even recognize different users by fingerprint, loading up individual configurations for each.

      Faster Than Ever Processing

      Imagine the power of six-core processing at full overclocked speed. With the latest AMD® Phenom IIx6 1055T CPU, the CG7435 can easily handle heavy multitasking and processing. For added punch, it’s overclocked 20% beyond reference*. ASUS factory overclocking raises the processor's performance, pushing the system while maintaining guaranteed stability.
      *Overclocking performance subject to specific configurations and conditions

      Superior Optimized Liquid Cooling

      Extreme performance requires extreme cooling, and the CG7435 comes with the right tools for the job. Advanced liquid cooling is included to ensure superior heat dissipation, plus all components have great thermal properties and optimized cooling components such as heatsinks and fans to ensure the very best thermal operation. This renders hardcore overclocking not just a possibility – but a reality.

      Immersed in Gameplay

      The CG7435 gives hardcore users the ultimate in graphics flexibility and power, supporting both NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU arrangements. It easily expands gaming across three displays in full HD 3D with NVIDIA 3D Vision surround or up to six displays via ATI Eyefinity technology, completely reinventing immersive gaming experiences. The CG7435 ships with full support for DirectX11 for the latest effects and enhancements in the newest games.