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ASUS Mini PC and Chromebox are packed with the latest innovations and designed to last. Each unit is subjected to stringent and rigorous testing to ensure unwavering quality and reliability.


Recognized for Quality

Each award is a testament to our relentless quest for perfection as we create technology that enhances the lives of people.

Recognized for Quality

Why ASUS Mini PC

  • Exceptional Design

    Exceptional Design

    ASUS is committed to pursuing the ultimate aesthetic design and creating products that are both beauty and function. For Example , the functionality with a rubbed design and beveled surface elegantly concealing the PN series heat dissipation holes, which are needed to provide greater stability to accommodate the device's increased computing performance.

  • Precision Manufacturing Yield Better Products

    Precision Manufacturing Yield Better Products

    ASUS is known for creating products and services that exceed industry benchmarks. Our products are engineered to exacting standards to guarantee quality, with only the best components used to ensure outstanding real-world performance and reliability.

  • Compact but Powerful

    Compact but Powerful

    ASUS Mini PC is ready to handle even the most demanding workloads. What's more, its compact, less-than-3-liter chassis takes up minimal space on a desk or workstation, making it well-suited for small and medium-sized businesses, retail settings, educational institutions, small offices, or homes.

  • Comprehensive Connectivity

    Comprehensive Connectivity

    ASUS Mini PC provides comprehensive connectivity with multiple ports, including a configurable port* to support legacy devices, additional displays or multiple network connections. Such versatility makes ASUS Mini PC perfect for a wide range of commercial scenarios.

    * Configurable port options may vary by model or region.

  • Easy Upgrades and Maintenance

    Easy Upgrades and Maintenance

    ASUS Mini PC can be easily disassembled to enable upgrades, to customize storage, or to add memory or a WLAN card. ASUS Mini PC also supports the ASUS Business Manager software suite designed to simplify management and maintenance processes.

  • Stability and Reliability

    Stability and Reliability

    ASUS Mini PCs undergo rigorous noise, vibration, drop and thermal-shock tests to ensure they meet exacting ASUS standards and exceed industry requirements. They're also tested to ensure reliability in extreme conditions for extended periods, ranging from dry 0° C temperatures to humid and hot environments exceeding 50° C.

  • Eco-Friendly Design

    Eco-Friendly Design

    ASUS Mini PCs are recipients of some of the industry's highest environmental certifications, including ENERGY STAR®. ASUS also exceeds legal compliance guidelines. For example, the RoHS directive restricts the use of six hazardous substances, but ASUS voluntarily restricts 31 additional substances ― to protect customers, employees, and the environment.

  • Longevity and Manageability

    Longevity and Manageability

    Each Corporate Stable Model ASUS Mini PC purchase entitles the customer to the ASUS Control Center IT-management software suite (CSM Edition, up to $60 value) that provides comprehensive control and monitoring. ASUS CSM products also include a stable roadmap and assured 36-month supply availability.

  • Global Reach, Local Touch

    Global Reach, Local Touch

    Every ASUS Mini PC is backed by a worldwide warranty. With hundreds of local ASUS service centers around the world, customers are guaranteed efficient, timely service; and in many cases, items in need of repair can be dropped off instead of shipped.

    Countries 113
    Branches Offices 70
    Support Centers 1,400

Design for Industrial

  • BIOS Flash Update

    BIOS Flash Update

  • Software Inventory

    Software Inventory

  • Hardware Inventory

    Hardware Inventory

  • Real-time System Monitor

    Real-time System Monitor

  • Software Dispatch Task

    Software Dispatch Task

  • Power and Security Control

    Power and Security Control

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