The world's most powerful gaming tablet is launched in the Nordic. ROG Flow Z13.


Tablet gaming has never been this powerful. Republic of Gamers (ROG) launches ROG Flow Z13 in the Nordic.

ROG announces the Nordic introduction of Flow Z13, the world’s most powerful tablet. Flow Z13 combines the best aspects of tablet mobility with PC versatility to create an all-new gaming experience. A tablet form factor allows Z13 to stay incredibly light and slim while packing the gaming power of much larger devices. Built to accommodate all styles of gaming with the additional optional XG Mobile ecosystem to provide an even more powerful GPU and I/O hub without sacrificing any of the portability that makes the Flow Z13 unique.

As the world’s fastest gaming tablet, the Z13 has some unique design benefits over laptops. Inspired by the ROG Mothership, the Flow Z13 houses its components behind the screen. This unconventional layout for a gaming device allows the Z13 to stand high above a desk or table when in use, granting much better access to air than traditional gaming laptops. In addition, the absence of a hinge mechanism allows for a wider vapor chamber and larger fans thanks to the extra space inside the chassis.

A vapor chamber allows much more surface area for heat transfer compared to standard heatpipe cooling designs, plus contact with multiple heat sources, like the CPU, GPU and VRM simultaneously. This robust cooling solution allows the Flow Z13 to pack some truly incredible hardware for its size. When paired with liquid metal thermal compound, the Flow Z13 remains supremely quiet even under full load, with acoustics never exceeding 40dB. In lighter workloads, the machine can operate with the fans at zero RPM for truly silent computing.

XG mobile ecosystem

While the CPU and dedicated graphics are powerful on their own, some workloads demand even more. The XG Mobile was introduced in 2021 as companion hardware for the ROG Flow series, offering top-tier graphics performance and additional I/O ports when needed. With the optional bundle of a GeForce RTX 3080, the Flow experience offers an incredibly powerful graphics option to ROG Flow Z13.

With a GeForce RTX 3080, dedicated DisplayPort and HDMI outputs, multiple USB ports and an ethernet port, XG Mobile brings flagship desktop performance in a mobile form factor. For high refresh rate gaming, streaming or content creation, the Flow Z13 paired with an XG Mobile is the ultimate, yet portable battlestation.

Availability and recommended pricing:

ROG Flow Z13 is now available at ASUS eShop and select resellers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and FInland.

(1)ROG Flow Z13 with RTX 3050 and 12th Gen Intel Core i7 - 15999 DKK
(2)ROG Flow Z13 with RTX 3050Ti and 12th Gen Intel Core i9 - 16999 DKK
(3)ROG Flow Z13 (2) bundled with XG Mobile (RTX 3080 eGPU) - 25999 DKK