ASUS Announces Z97-WS Motherboard with Gen3 4-Way Graphics Power


Intel Z97 chipset-based workstation motherboard features on-demand NVIDIA GeForce SLI and AMD CrossFireX technology, plus supreme power solutions

ASUS today announced the Z97-WS motherboard for workstations. Based on the Intel® Z97 chipset, the Z97-WS is tailored for extreme graphics processing to cater to the requirements of design industry professionals and gaming enthusiasts. It features PCIe Gen3 4-Way Graphics Power with NVIDIA® GeForce® SLITM Technology and AMD CrossFireX™ on demand; as well as advanced and efficient power solutions with integrated Dr MOS MOSFET, ultra-durable 12K solid capacitors, along with exclusive ASUS ProCool power connectors and Beat Thermal Chokes.

Ideal for graphics-intensive tasks

The Z97-WS motherboard boasts PCIe Gen3 4-Way Graphics Power with NVIDIA GeForce SLI Technology and AMD CrossFireX on demand to give users flexible multi-GPU solutions for more powerful graphics processing.

This makes the Z97-WS ideal for professionals working with 3D design and modeling software, as well as other graphics-intensive simulations and rendering applications. This graphical prowess also makes the Z97-WS a viable option for gamers looking to experience the latest PC games at their maximum visual settings. In addition, the Z97-WS offers extensive expandability options with ample room for RAID cards, PCI Express-based solid state storage drives (SSDs), video capture cards, and other components.

Supreme power solutions for unmatched efficiency

The ASUS Z97-WS uses innovative design and premium components to deliver industry-leading power efficiency. Gold-coated Beat Thermal Chokes provide efficient conductivity for minimal power loss delivery; while the integrated Driver-MOSFET (Dr MOS) saves space and reduces operating temperatures.

ASUS is the world’s first motherboard manufacturer to introduce 12K solid capacitors, with the Z97-WS using durable Japanese-made capacitors that are able to withstand up to 12,000 hours of temperatures as high as 105°C – far exceeding those of everyday computing. These 12K capacitors also boast lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) for increased efficiency and minimal heat generation.

The Z97-WS uses ASUS ProCool power connectors that ensure close, secure connections with the motherboard. The flush connections made by these connectors allows for lower impedance and better heat dissipation to lower operating temperatures.

Hassle-free troubleshooting

The Z97-WS motherboard features Q-Code Logger — a one-touch troubleshooter that lets users easily check system status at any time. Users can even save all Q-Code logs on a USB flash drive when the system is powered off. The motherboard also comes with ASUS Dr. Power, an exclusive ASUS utility that tracks power supply status in the background and notifies users of any impending power supply issues.