[Windows 11/10] How to Install Drivers Downloaded from the ASUS Site

Applicable Products: Notebook, Desktop, All-in-One PC, Gaming Handheld, Motherboard


This article explains how to install drivers downloaded from the ASUS support website when the file type is an application (.exe). If the drivers you downloaded from the ASUS support website do not include this file type, please refer to this article: How to Install Drivers When [setup.exe] or [install.exe] Cannot Be Found.

If you need to reinstall the operating system, you can refer to this article for the recommended order of installing drivers: Recommended Order for Installing Drivers.

Note: The following illustrations may vary slightly depending on the model or driver.


  1. Search for and download the driver you need to install. Learn more about How to search for and download drivers.
  2. After downloading, double-click the file you just downloaded to begin the driver installation process. (Using the WirelessLan_PIE_DCH_Intel_Z_V22.120.0.3_27372 wireless network driver as an example)   
    Note: If you downloaded a compressed file, right-click and choose 'Extract All' first.   
  3. If a User Account Control window appears, click [Yes].   
  4. Choose the language you want to use in the installation program, then click [OK].   
  5. After the installation program starts, click [Next]to continue the installation.   
  6. Please read the ASUS End User Software License Agreement carefully. After confirming, check [I accept the agreement], then click [Next]to continue the installation.   
  7. Choose the action you want to take for this file. Check [Install], then click [Next]to continue the installation.   
    Note: If you choose to extract, this process will only extract the files without installing.   
  8. Please read the following important information before continuing the installation. Then click [Next]to continue the installation.   
  9. The installation program is ready to install the driver. Click [Install] to begin the installation.   
    Note: Installing drivers may take some time. During the installation, ensure that your device is connected to power and do not force a shutdown to avoid any abnormal issues.   
  10. The installation program is installing the driver. Please wait for the installation to complete.   
  11. Some drivers may require restarting your device to complete the setup. Check [Yes, restart the computer now], then click [Finish]. The device will restart.   
    Note: Before restarting your device, make sure to save your data to avoid any data loss.