ASUS SmartO Mouse MD200

ASUS SmartO Mouse

Portable, Precision, Reliable

ASUS SmartO Mouse MD200 shows its left-side on the desk with some stationary and books.


Uniquely portable

2 people pass through the hallway and one of them hooks  ASUS SmartO Mouse on his finger. A finger hoops ASUS SmartO Mouse and carries a laptop. Left side of ASUS SmartO Mouse.


Fast and accurate tracking on almost any surface

Image 1
Every movement, accurately tracked
Image 2
Smooth glide, whatever the surface
Up to
4,200 dpi
sensor resolution
Accurate tracking
100% PTFE
mouse feet


Durability you can count on

Superior switches
A year of uninterrupted use
Durable with up to
Long lasting
1 year
battery life2


All-day comfort

Top-view of ASUS SmartO Mouse


Work the way you want

Front View
Left Side
Monitors with customizable UI
Monitors with customizable UI

Antibacterial Guard

Everyday hygiene, built right in

Side view of ASUS SmartO Mouse with some bacteria above
bacterial-inhibiting effect
SIAA certificate icon from ISO 22196


Connect cordlessly to multiple devices

3 devices are on the table connecting ASUS SmartO Mouse with Bluetooth
RF 2.4 GHz with dongle supportRF 2.4 GHz with dongle support
Bluetooth<sup class='sign-cr'>®</sup> 5.0Bluetooth® 5.0
Connect up to
  • Minimum 4 mm glass thickness.
  • Battery life may vary based on user habits and computing conditions.
  • The antibacterial treatment is tested by an independent third-party laboratory according to the ISO 22196 standard (measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces), using bacterial cultures that include Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, with an antibacterial activity (R) result of R > 2. R = 2 indicates a 99% reduction in bacterial activity compared to an untreated surface.
  • The antibacterial treatment is registered by the US EPA and authorized under EU BPR.
  • ASUS Antibacterial Guard protection is available on both painting and ABS surfaces of the mouse
  • SIAA certification: Inorganic.Kneaded mouse top cover and mouse bottom (all ABS surfaces included) / TW0123082X0002Q. The SIAA brand mark for inorganic antibacterial agents and kneading is borne on products that are under quality control and information disclosure by the guidelines of the Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles on the basis of the results evaluated by ISO122196 method.
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