ASUS Product Security Advisory

    ASUS Product Security Advisory

    We take every care to ensure that ASUS products are secure in order to protect the privacy of our valued customers. We constantly strive to improve our safeguards for security and personal information in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, and we welcome all reports from our customers about product-related security or privacy issues. Any information you supply to ASUS will only be used to help resolve the security vulnerabilities or issues you have reported. This process may include contacting you for further relevant information.

    How to report a security vulnerability or issue to ASUS

    We welcome all reports about security-related issues incidents and privacy concerns, and we invite you to contact us about such matters via our dedicated email address at In order for us to deal swiftly with your concerns, please include the following information in your email:

    1. Your full name, and a means of contacting you. This can be an email address, a phone number or any other preferred way we can use to get in touch with you. If you provide a phone number, please include the full country code, area code and extension number (if applicable).
    2. Full and detailed information about the issue you wish to report. This should include the following information, as applicable:
      1. The name of the ASUS service(s) or system(s) that your concern relates to.
      2. The product type, product name and model number of the affected hardware products.
      3. The name, description and version number of any affected ASUS software products.
      4. A full and detailed description of the problem or issue, along with any background information that you believe is relevant, and any other pertinent information that may help us reproduce and/or resolve the issue.

    Responsible reporting guidelines

    ASUS appreciates all contributions from customers and the wider ASUS community that help to improve the security of our products and services. However, we kindly request that you act responsibly and bear in mind the following when investigating or reporting any issues:

    1. Do not attempt to access or modify any ASUS services, systems, products or software without authorization.
    2. Do not disclose, or modify, destroy or misuse any data you may discover.
    3. All information given to or received from any party relating to the reported issues must remain completely confidential.

    What happens next?

    Once we have resolved the reported issue(s), we will provide a suitable solution to all affected customers. We will treat this with the utmost priority and make the solution available as soon as it practical to do so.

    ASUS will also maintain a list of the latest software updates, along with descriptions of the issues that have been fixed. Although we will notify customers wherever possible, we also recommend that customers visit this page regularly to make sure they are aware of the latest updates.


    ASUS 無線LANルーター製品に関するWPA2脆弱性の対応状況について



    2017/10/18 ASUS 無線LANルーター製品に関するWPA2脆弱性の対応状況について




    ■ 対象製品
    製品カテゴリー 製品名 リピーターモード メディアブリッジモード 備考 ステータス
    無線LAN親機 RT-AC88U 搭載(影響あり) 搭載(影響あり) 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    RT-AC3200 未搭載 搭載(影響あり) 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    RT-AC87U 未搭載 搭載(影響あり) 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    RT-AC68U 搭載(影響あり) 搭載(影響あり) 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    RT-AC85U 未搭載 未搭載 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    RT-AC65U 未搭載 未搭載 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    RT-AC1200HP 搭載(影響あり) 搭載(影響あり) 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    RT-AC56S 搭載(影響あり) 搭載(影響あり) 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    RT-N66U 搭載(影響あり) 搭載(影響あり) 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    無線LAN中継機 EA-AC87 搭載(影響あり) 搭載(影響あり) 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    RP-AC52 搭載(影響あり) 未搭載 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    USB無線LAN子機 USB-AC68 対象外 対象外 影響あり 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    USB-AC56 対象外 対象外 影響あり 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    PCI-E無線LAN子機 PCE-AC55BT 対象外 対象外 影響あり 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    PCE-AC88 対象外 対象外 影響あり 修正パッチ配布予定あり
    PCE-AC68 対象外 対象外 影響あり 修正パッチ配布予定あり