ProArt Display PA329Q

Monitor profesional ASUS ProArt PA329Q - 32" 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), IPS, Quantum Dot, 99,5 % Adobe RGB, calibración de hardware, precisión de color △E< 2
  • Pantalla IPS de 32 pulgadas con resolución 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 para proporcionar un nivel de realismo insólito.
  • Reproducción del 100 % del espacio de color Rec.709 y del 99,5 % del Adobe RGB. Color calibrado de fábrica (∆E <2). Compatible con los estándares de color DIC-P3 y Rec. 2020.
  • Tecnología ASUS ProArt™Calibration con tabla interna de 14 bits (LUT), compensación de uniformidad y grabación de los perfiles de color en un chip integrado en el propio monitor.
ProArt Display PA329Q
ProArt Display PA329Q, front view, tilted 45 degrees

360-degree rotation

The ASUS ProArt™ PA329Q 4K UHD professional monitor delivers accurate and brilliant color reproduction and is designed for graphics professionals. PA329Q is ideal for high-end video editing, thanks to a wide color gamut of 100% Rec.709 and 99.5% Adobe RGB for exceptional color fidelity, and it has the ability to display multiple 4K UHD video inputs at up to 60Hz. In addition, ASUS ProArt™ Calibration Technology offers advanced color tuning and uniformity compensation to ensure outstanding color accuracy, making PA329 the perfect monitor for photographers, colorists, graphic designers, and film editors.

True-to-life Color

Quantum Dot Technology for Wider Color Gamut

ProArt™ PA329Q has a wide color gamut so you have an entire spectrum of colors to play with. The use of Quantum Dot Technology provides a wide color range, allowing PA329Q to support 100% Rec. 709, 100% sRGB, 99.5% Adobe RGB, 90% DCI-P3, and Rec. 2020 color spaces for video editing and production. On top of that, IPS display technology gives you wide viewing angles so there's no color shift, even when you're viewing PA329Q from extreme positions.

  • Rec. 2020

    standard of Ultra high-definition television (UHDTV)

  • 90% DCI-P3

    standard of content requirements, studios, d-cinema manufacturers can be assured of interoperability and compatibility

  • 99.5% Adobe RGB

    encompass most of the colors achievable on CMYK color printers

  • 100% sRGB

    created for use on monitors,
    printers, and the Internet.

  • 100% Rec. 709

    standard of high-definition
    television (HDTV)

PA329Q offers 10-bit color to display over 1.07 billion colors. It uses a 14-bit internal lookup table (LUT) and supports Gamma values of 2.4, 2.2, 2.0, and 1.8 to give you natural-looking images, and smoother transitions between hues.

ProArt PA329Q Monitor
ProArt™ PA329Q Monitor
Conventional Monitor
Conventional Monitor

High Color Fidelity for
Truly Expressive Hues

Revel in pure, expressive hues thanks to accurate, true-to-life color reproduction. Each ProArt™ PA329Q monitor is factory pre-calibrated to guarantee industry-leading color accuracy (∆E < 2), so your images are accurately reproduced onscreen, allowing you to see exactly how your work is going to look when it's finished. PA329Q also comes with 95% uniformity compensation to guard against brightness and chroma (color) fluctuations on different parts of the screen.


ASUS ProArt™ Calibration Technology

Whether you‘re using a desktop and laptop - ProArt Creator Hub : ASUS ProArt Calibration Technology offers color accuracy tuning and uniformity compensation to make things easy when it’s time to recalibrate your display‘s brightness and color consistency. (calibrator is not included in the package)
ProArt Creator Hub Download

  • Color Accuracy optimization

    Optimum setting in different contents requires different color spaces, It offers adjustable brightness, color gamut, color temperature and other parameters to ensure consistent and precise colors. .

  • Uniformity compensation

    With two matrix levels of Uniformity compensation, designers can ensure consistency brightness level of the screen by ProArt Calibration algorithm generating compensated brightness data, reducing color shift while moving graphics on anywhere of screen.

  • Data saved on the IC chip inside the monitor

    ASUS ProArt Calibration technology saves all color parameter profiles on the ProArt monitor’s internal scaler IC chip, instead of on the PC. The monitor can be calibrated and the look-up table subsequently rewritten, allowing users to connect it to devices with different operating systems or applications without needing to adjust settings. Signal distortion between the IC and the LCD optical spectrum is also reduced.

  • High hardware calibrators compatibility

    The ASUS ProArt Calibration Technology is also compatible with X-rite i1DisplayPro and i1DisplayProPlus.

Impeccable Detailed Visuals and Smooth playback

Enjoy Stunning Photos and
Videos in 4K UHD

ProArt™ PA329Q immerses you in a world filled with breathtaking levels of detail.
It features a 32-inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) panel with 138 pixels per inch (PPI) to give you four times the pixel density and up to 300% more onscreen space than similarly-sized Full HD displays. This means you get to enjoy sharp, detailed visuals - perfect for editing 4K UHD photos and videos. On top of that, more onscreen space for multitasking so you get more things done quickly.

  • Shows less detail and
    spacing with less room for
    work bars on the side
  • PA329Q gives 300% more
    onscreen space than a
    similarly sized Full HD display

Smooth 4K UHD Content Playbacks up to 60Hz

PA329Q features an array of connectivity options and supports 4K UHD content playback at 60Hz via DisplayPort 1.2, mini DisplayPort 1.2, and its four HDMI (v2.0)* ports. In addition, you're offered five USB 3.0 ports and a 9-in-1 card reader for your memory cards, peripherals, and various devices. *HDMI (v2.0) ports provide HDCP 2.2 copy protection.

  • HDMI (v2.0)

  • DisplayPort

  • SD Card

  • Mini

  • USB 3.0

  • Earphone

User-Friendly Features

Picture-in-Picture & Picture-by-Picture

Built-in Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and Picture-by-Picture (PbP) functionality lets you view content from multiple 4K UHD sources simultaneously, along with the ability to switch between them, including audio, easily.

  • Place multiple input sources side by side onscreen, and you can configure each individual window's color settings with Adobe RGB, sRGB, User Pre-set 1, and User Pre-set 2 modes to see the differences between them.

  • places your second input source in a window in one corner of the display.

QuickFit Virtual Scale

Save time and work smarter with ASUS QuickFit Virtual Scale. It provides you with an onscreen grid overlay so you can align and preview documents in their actual sizes prior to printing. There's also an intuitive 5-way navigation joystick so you can easily access and switch OSD settings on the onscreen menu.

Protect your eyes with
ASUS Eye Care technology

Blue Light Filter Level

0 1 2 3 4

Protect your eyes with
ASUS Eye Care technology

Blue Light Filter Level

0 1 2 3 4

Ultra-low Blue Light Monitor

The TÜV Rheinland-certified ASUS Blue Light Filter protects you from harmful blue light, and you can easily access its four different filter settings via a hotkey. ProArt™ PA329Q has undergone stringent performance tests and has been certified by TÜV Rheinland laboratories, a global provider of technical, safety, and certification services, to be flicker-free and to emit low blue light levels.

Flicker-free Technology

With Flicker-free
Without Flicker-free

It's time to say goodbye to those tired, strained eyes. ProArt™ PA329Q features TÜV Rheinland-certified ASUS Flicker-Free technology to reduce flicker for a comfortable viewing experience. This technology helps minimize instances of eyestrain and other damaging ailments, especially when you spend long, countless hours in front of a display watching favorite videos.

Ergonomic Design

A comfortable viewing position is always within reach thanks to its slim profile and ergonomically-designed stand with tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustments. Its onscreen menu even rotates automatically to display correctly when the monitor is used in portrait orientation – which is handy when working with websites or longer documents.

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