ASUS ExpertCenter PN42

Mini PC ultracompacta sin ventilador con procesador Intel® N100 y N200 y gráficos Intel® UHD, admite pantallas triples o pantallas duales 4K, 1 SSD PCIe® Gen3 x4 M.2 NVMe®, LAN dual de 2.5 Gb, WiFi 6E
  • Windows 11 Pro: ASUS recomienda Windows 11 Pro para empresas.
  • Último procesador: Equipado con el último procesador Intel® N200, N100 y N4500.
  • Extremadamente silenciosa: Diseño sin ventilador para reducir el ruido acústico y el polvo.
  • Compatibilidad con múltiples pantallas: Admite hasta 3 pantallas simultáneamente o dos pantallas 4K mediante gráficos UHD integrados.
  • Conectividad integral: Admite 7 puertos USB, una segunda LAN de 2.5 G opcional y admite DP1.4/VGA/COM/HDMI/USB Type-C con DP1.4 como opciones de puerto configurables.
  • Ahorro de espacio: Compacto con 127,5 x 132 x 57,6 mm y menos de 1 litro de volumen.
  • Optimización sencilla: Diseño de instalación de SSD PCIe M.2 sin herramientas y fácil de usar.
  • Administración simplificada: El botón de encendido RGB indica a los usuarios cuando encuentran problemas de arranque.
  • Comunicación nítida: Cuenta con cancelación de ruido bidireccional mediante IA para proporcionar una comunicación de voz en línea nítida.
  • Fiabilidad extrema: 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana y probado MIL-STD-810 para garantizar confiabilidad a largo plazo.
ASUS ExpertCenter PN42
ASUS ExpertCenter PN42 Mini PC

ASUS ExpertCenter PN42 Mini PC

Compact and Quiet
for Business Everywhere

  • Supports up to three displays

  • Extensive connectivity with seven USB ports

  • Silent with fanless design

  • Tool-free PCIe M.2 SSD installation


The ultracompact ASUS ExpertCenter PN42 mini PC is powered by an Intel® processor N100 & N200 with Intel UHD Graphics and is designed to easily handle a wide variety of home and business applications. ExpertCenter PN42 can support up to three displays, or two 4K displays, simultaneously for efficient multitasking. Plus, it can be specified with up to two 2.5 Gb Ethernet ports, and offers wide- ranging connectivity with up to seven USB ports plus an additional configurable port for either DisplayPortTM 1.4, VGA, COM, HDMI®, or USB-C® DisplayPort (DP Alt Mode) options. The diminutive size of ExpertCenter PN42 makes it well-suited for spaces where traditional PCs won't fit - from digital signage to small home-office setups.


Please note that the spec and pictures shown are for illustration purpose only and actual product may vary due to design change.
*Options of configurable port may vary by SKU.

Compact Size and Aesthetic

ASUS ExpertCenter PN42 is smaller than traditional desktop, and the size of it is similar to phone.
The compact size of PN42 save your workspace which can be particularly useful in smaller workspaces or areas where space is limited. The compact size of a Mini PC also makes it easier to transport. This can be useful if you need to move it between different workspaces.

Smaller than an iPhone

Fanless Chassis

The fanless design of ExpertCenter PN42 runs almost silently and helps reduce dust ingress into the heatsink, making it perfect for industrial use. The elegant ribbed, vented design of the chassis enhances cooling, and a dedicated heatsink helps cool the SSD and WiFi module. The robust build quality of PN42 ensures durability and reliability, making it an excellent computing platform even in the most demanding of environments.

Advanced Cooling with Elegant Ribbed Design

Ultrafast WiFi 6 / WiFi 6E

The WiFi 6 module in ExpertCenter PN42 facilitates seamless streaming of high-res videos, fewer connection drops, and multiple connections without impeding network speeds. WiFi 6E is an extended version of WiFi 6 that supports the 6 GHz band to allow more devices to connect simultaneously, without congestion or interference. WiFi 6E also offers improved security to guard against unauthorized access and malware attacks.

    Wi-Fi 6 & Wi-Fi 6E
    *SKUs with Wi-Fi 6E only provided to certain regions or countries, depending on local regulation.
    than standard AC 2x2 with 80 MHz channels
    improvement in dense environment for more devices
    seamless and reliable video displaying or conferencing

Crystal-Clear Communication

The AI noise-cancelation feature leverages artificial intelligence to eliminate background noise for both input and output audio to ensure crystal-clear communication, even in noisy environments. ExpertCenter PN42 supports popular communication platforms including Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, and Zoom.

Status 1

Status 2

RGB Power Button

The RGB power button acts as a visual indicator for system status and flashes when boot-up issues are encountered.

  • Blue Light

    Blue Light

    The power button glows blue when the system hangs during the boot-up sequence.

  • Cyan Light

    Cyan Light

    The power button glows cyan if a CPU error is encountered during boot-up.

  • Green Light

    Green Light

    A green light indicates a memory error.

  • Yellow Light

    Yellow Light

    A yellow light indicates a display error.

  • Red Light

    Red Light

    A red light indicates a boot device error.

  • White Light

    White Light

    A white power button light indicates that the system is up and running normally.

Comprehensive Connectivity

PN42 has seven USB Type-A to connect lots of device and supports dual 2.5G LAN to distinguish between two internal networks. To mention configurable port, it comes with DP, HDMI, Type-C with DP, COM, or VGA*, for monitor or legacy devices, like barcode scanners and receipt printers. PN42 Series can fit a wide-range of usages, including Signage, Point-Of-Sale system, KIOSK and intelligent vending machine.


*Configurable ports are confirmed SKU before configuring.

Remote Control

HDMI-CEC (HDMI Consumer Electronics Control) is a common HDMI feature found in many TVs and media devices. Its primary purpose is to enable a single remote control or device to control multiple devices in a multimedia setup.

Remote Control

Tool-less Design

ExpertCenterPN42 offers tool-less access to make it easy to open up the chassis to access the M.2 PCIeSSD module for easy upgrades.

New Lockable VESA Mount Design

The lockable VESA mount device offers improved security when ExpertCenter PN42 is deployed in public spaces.

Kensington Lock and Bundled Padlock

ASUS ExpertCenter PN42 includes a metal padlock and a Kensington lock to guard against physical theft.

ASUS Control Center

ASUS Control Center is a centralized IT-management suite that enhances enterprise productivity with comprehensive control through a very friendly user interface. ASUS Control Center provides high visibility and the best IT-management experiences across ASUS enterprise and commercial products.

  • Hardware & SoftwareMonitoring

    Hardware & SoftwareMonitoring

    Monitor system temperature, fan, voltage and hardware status

  • RemoteManagement


    Remote desktop, power control, BIOS settings and updates

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Software dispatch and device-metadata management

  • Mobile Control

    Mobile Control

    Stay in command via a smart device

  • Security


    Enable/disable USB storage

*For more information, please visit:

ASUS Corporate Stable Model

The ASUS Corporate Stable Model (CSM) program is designed to support your organization with Mini PCs with the latest technologies, services and management software. Since its introduction over two decades ago, thousands of customers and providers have joined the ASUS CSM partner network to make it one of the most established Commercial programs in the world. Add to that premium after-sales service and support, we're more than ready to help your business plan ahead for product transitions.

ASUS Corporate Stable Model

*Please contact your local representative for details.

24/7 Reliability

24/7 Reliability

With thorough 24/7 testing and stable supply, Mini PC is designed for modern office and business use, reducing maintenance cost and improve cost effectiveness.

Aging time
Relative humidity
Chamber temperature*

*Only for models that support 16 GB memory and below, other models support 35°C operational ambient temperature

Barebone Option

There is a barebones option for PN42, which is easy to upgrade. This version does not include memory, storage, or a Wi-Fi card. The chassis can be easily separated without any cables connecting the bottom cover and top chassis. Additionally, we provide a manual that outlines the steps to upgrade it yourself.


MyASUS is the portal of ASUS PC software service, which provides you easy access to all the ASUS software functions, for example, to maintain or update your system, optimize your PC's performance, and quickly contact ASUS aftersales customer service.

Integrate your ASUS PC with your mobile devices, boosting your productivity and allowing easier multitasking.

  • File Transfer

    File Transfer

    Simply tap or drag to share files between your PC and mobile devices in the blink of an eye.

  • Remote File Access

    Remote File Access

    Use your mobile device to remotely access files stored on your ASUS PC, and use your PC as a personal cloud replacement and gain access anywhere and anytime!

Open the Customization tab in MyASUS to adjust PC settings, including AI noise cancelation, fan modes, and network parameters.

  • Fan Profile

    Fan Profile

    Provide flexibility to operate the fan at maximum speed when processing heavy tasks, and lower speed when in quiet environment.

  • AI noise cancellation

    AI noise cancellation

    Filters noise from microphone and incoming audio to have crystal-clear communication.

  • Wi-Fi SmartConnect

    Wi-Fi SmartConnect

    Automatically connect to the router with the best signal in your current environment.

  • TaskFirst


    Personalize available internet bandwidth to particular activities.

Enjoy discounts on premium apps and ASUS-exclusive deals via AppDeals.

  • AppDeals


    AppDeals is a portal that allows ASUS users to download useful third-party apps at exclusive discounted prices. It includes customized recommendations, guiding users to apps that best fit workflow.

  • News


    View the latest ASUS news, event campaigns, and products.

  • Eco-friendly Materials

    Our product undergoes extensive research and development to ensure it is environmentally friendly. The chassis of ASUS Mini PC is made with durable, scratch-resistant textured surfaces, consisting of 30% or more Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCR)

*EPEAT registered where applicable. EPEAT registration varies by country. See for registration status by country.
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