Advanced vibration-analysis solution empowers predictive maintenance and health management.
  • ISO 10816-3 compliant and advanced frequency analysis
  • Real-time AI analysis and on-site motor modeling
  • EdgeX development framework accelerates secondary data utilization
  • Intuitive notifications for motor-vibration anomalies
  • Continuous software enhancements and updates
  • Flexible architecture adjustment for on-premise and cloud
A test sensor attached on the pump for fault-check, equipment downtime management, and industry diagnosis. Along with a monitor showing ASMPH application.

Predicting health, preventing problems

Low to no code for exceptional simplicity

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Combining ISO-10816-3 with FFT Spectrum AI Modeling
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Web-based Private and Public Cloud Architecture
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Cost-effective CPU-based Modeling and Inference
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Supports the EdgeX Open Source Framework

Data visualization meets predictive intelligence

Based on the production line, machine train, machine and the sensor measurement point, managers can quickly grasp vibration history data and sensor connectivity status, event notifications — as well as perform advanced inspections or lubrication tests based on anomaly types.
AISPHM dashboard print screen, showing the number of abnormal, number of pending events, the location of abnormal equipment.

Versatile framework for wired and wireless sensors

Make Prognostic and Health Management Simple

A rotor probe, fixed-speed motor, test meter, sensor, pump, fault-check device for defect detector, equipment downtime management, and industry diagnosis.
Creating vibration-data records for key machinery
Technician inspector alignment pump and electric motor, Repairing work in factory
Evaluate the effectiveness of repairs on rotating equipment
Section of industrial electric motor, 3D rendering isolated on white background
AI-enhanced non-destructive monitoring for abnormal resonance and temperature
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