ASUS Cloud and TWS Offer Six Solutions for Digital Resilience


TAIPEI, Taiwan, December 20, 2022 — ASUS today announced that ASUS Cloud Corporation and Taiwan Web Service Corporation (TWS), a company majority-owned by ASUS, are offering six solutions for digital resilience. The solutions will help enterprises address increasing information security risks.

The six solutions are:

  • Cloud Object Storage
  • Cloud File Service
  • Information Security Governance (OmniStor QCE)
  • AI Secure Auto-Backup
  • Enterprise Backup System (Safisfy-BKvt)
  • Container Platform Backup Service (Kubernetes Security Backup Service)

"The most important key for enterprises to implement digital resilience is to ensure that data is complete and that they can quickly return to normal in the face of sudden crises,” explained Peter Wu, CEO of ASUS Cloud and TWS. Explaining the benefits of the six solutions, he added, “Combining the excellent services of ASUS Cloud and TWS, and the experience of hundreds of large-scale enterprise customers, will help all enterprises to quickly establish key capabilities."

Six solutions for digital resilience

Cloud File Service provides reliable and low-cost services to meet the storage needs of enterprises dealing with large amounts of data and cold data. In addition, Cloud Object Storage meets the important data-storage needs of enterprises and can be used with TWCC's various computing services to store key tasks such as enterprise data lakes, websites, mobile applications, backup and restore, archive, enterprise applications, and more.

OmniStor QCE Information Security Governance and AI Secure Auto-Backup provide enterprise file management, sharing, permission control and computer-data protection services, and support the Write Once, Read Many (WORM) non-deletion compliance mechanism.

Safisfy-BKvt and Kubernetes Security will assist enterprise IT teams in backup protection and restoration of host systems, virtual machines, and container application systems.

Empowering enterprise users

The six major solutions are all built on Taiwan Computing Cloud’s (TWCC) ( national-level cloud architecture, with data-storage durability. TWCC, which is operated by TWS, aims to help enterprise users reduce labor and time costs, effectively reduce losses caused by emergencies, and strengthen defense and operational capabilities in an all-encompassing way.