ASUS W790 Workstation Motherboards Support ECC DDR5 RAM at 6800 MT/s


TAIPEI, Taiwan, March 15, 2023 — ASUS today announced that ASUS W790 workstation motherboards support ECC R-DIMM DDR5 RAM at up to 6800 MHz, unleashing class-leading overclocking capability to unlock even more performance potential. ASUS W790 workstation motherboards feature the memory capability of up to 2TB R-DIMM DDR5 RAM to power the next generation of compute-intensive professional workloads. In addition, ASUS have been working with market-leading memory partners including G.SKILL, Kingston, and V-Color to establish multiple memory validations and to widely support 8-channel and quad-channel memory architectures. The Pro WS W790E-SAGE SE now supports up to 128 GB (8x16 GB) at 6800 MT/s, and the Pro WS W790-ACE supports up to 64 GB (4x16 GB) of DDR5 RAM at 6800 MT/s. This painstakingly cultivated collection of device validations helps ensure that an ASUS W790 workstation build supports a wide variety of scenarios.

Choosing the right CPU cooler for a workstation build can also be a challenge, because CPU sockets and form factors are different from those used in desktops. Therefore, ASUS has partnered with cooling experts including Enermax, EK and Noctua to offer air and liquid coolers for the LGA4677 socket used by the latest Intel® Xeon® workstation processors. These solutions are designed to offer optimal heat transfer and heat dissipation capacity through the cooler base and then to coolant tubes, heat pipes and radiator fins.

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