ASUS NFT Plaza Affirms Commitment to Protect Creators' Royalties

ASUS NFT Plaza Affirms Commitment to Protect Creators' Royalties

TAIPEI, Taiwan, September 5, 2023 — ASUS Metaverse Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASUS, today announced its intention to protect NFT creators' royalties on its ASUS NFT Plaza marketplace. This announcement comes in the wake of recently reported decisions by some NFT marketplaces to waive mandatory creator royalty fees on secondary NFT trades — a move that will have a significant impact on creators who rely on continuous income generated by the resale of NFTs.

ASUS NFT Plaza is an NFT marketplace that was launched in August 2023, and it is committed to protecting creators' rights and their royalty fees. ASUS NFT Plaza embraces the ERC-2981 smart contract standard. Once creators set their royalty fees on ASUS NFT Plaza, they do not need to set the fee again. This means that their NFTs continue to earn well-deserved creators' royalties when NFT holders trade assets on other secondary marketplaces — as long as those platforms also respect creators' fees. Additionally, creators' royalties are secure when their NFTs are traded within the ASUS NFT Plaza marketplace.

Most importantly, when creators release NFTs on ASUS NFT Plaza, they gain the potential for co-marketing exposure alongside ASUS products, boosting the visibility of their creations. This unique offering sets ASUS NFT Plaza apart from other NFT platforms.

ASUS NFT Plaza is currently hosting an exciting contest with prizes worth over US$30,000. Winners will not just earn rewards, but will also get their creations displayed on Tokyo Shibuya billboards and be featured on Creative Bloq.

ASUS Metaverse offers valuable support for bring winning NFT ideas to life, and remains dedicated to creators, even during challenging market conditions.

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