AX4200 Dual Band WiFi 6 (802.11ax) AiMesh Router supporting free network security with AiProtection Pro, Safe Browsing, Instant Guard and VPN features, Parental controls, Easy setup, Wall mount
  • WiFi for Smart Homes – Ultrafast WiFi 6 router delivering up to 4,200 Mbps speed, with a powerful quad-core CPU for better efficiency to handle more devices
  • Aesthetic and Functional Design – An innovative foot stand for both desktops and wall mount, and the ultra-minimalist design can fit into your home or business environments.
  • One-Tap Safe Browsing – Block undesirable content with ASUS Safe Browsing, and protect your kids online by filtering explicit content from search results.
  • Commercial-Grade Security Anywhere – Protect your home network with AiProtection Pro, powered by Trend Micro™. And when away from home, ASUS Instant Guard gives you a one-click sharable secure VPN.
  • Easy Extendable Network – Enjoy seamless roaming with rich, advanced features by adding any AiMesh-compatible router.
Handling multiple smart home devices simultaneously with RT-AX59U.

Mastering Your
Smart Home

Experience fast and reliable WiFi all around your smart home with the RT-AX59U WiFi 6 router. It is fully backward compatible with previous WiFi standards and devices, so you can stay connected worry-free for all your internet activities.

WiFi 6 Performance

Enjoy unrivaled wireless performance across your smart home with the RT-AX59U dual band router. The powerful quad-core CPU and the WiFi 6 technology give it up to 4X more capacity for more devices. With support for 160 MHz channel bandwidth*, it delivers 3X** faster speeds and more reliable connectivity for all your high-bandwidth activities. The improved data transmission efficiency also reduces power consumption by up to 7X for better battery life of your devices***.

*160 MHz bandwidth may be unavailable in the 5 GHz band in some regions/countries, due to regulatory restrictions. And to benefit from WiFi 6 router features, compatible WiFi 6 devices are required.
**The data compares speed of 3x3 11ax on 5 GHz 160 MHz bandwidth with 1024QAM modulation to speed of 3x3 11ac on 5 GHz 80 MHz with 256QAM modulation.
***It requires 802.11ax-compatible devices to enjoy the benefits brought by 802.11ax WiFi standard.
An image showing the powerful 2.0 GHz quad-core 64-bit CPU of the RT-AX59U.
  • 160MHzChannel Bandwidth

    3XWiFi Speed

    Connect Faster & Stronger

  • 4XHigher Capacity

    Support More Devices

  • 7XLonger Battery Life

    Save Devices Power

Learn more about WiFi 6

Easy Setup and Management

The RT-AX59U takes the pain out of managing your home network. It's easy to set up and keep an eye on what's happening, via the intuitive ASUS Router mobile app or the powerful web interface. There’s even more for you to explore, including complete VPN settings, parental control features, visualized connection diagnostics and much more.

Learn more about ASUS Router app
ASUS Router App icon

Download ASUS Router App

Enjoy hassle-free setup of the RT-AX59U via ASUS Router app.
Get started with the easy setup interface.
Set your WiFi SSID and password.
Setup completed!

Easily Extend Your WiFi Network

With ASUS AiMesh technology, it’s easy to combine multiple AiMesh-compatible ASUS routers to create a whole-home WiFi network with centralized control. You can even use a single SSID for your entire home or office network, with seamless coverage and dead zone elimination!

Learn more about AiMesh
Two nodes of RT-AX59U connecting one RT-AX86U router through the AiMesh technology to create a whole-home WiFi coverage.
RT-AX59U image blends into the background.

Subscription-Free Network Security





The ASUS RT-AX59U features AiProtection Pro, powered by Trend Micro™, with automatically updated protection from internet threats for all your connected devices and personal data.

  • AiProtection Pro

  • WPA3
    Security Protocol

Learn more about ASUS network security
RT-AX59U provides complete home network security to protect all your connected devices.

Tired of intrusive ads or inappropriate content on the internet? ASUS Safe Browsing* helps block undesirable content in one tap – no extra apps required! You can simply assign a security filter to your devices and block malicious content, advertisements or even explicit content from search engine results to protect your kids online.

*By using Safe Browsing, you acknowledge and agree that the standard for blocked and filtered content is established by a third-party DNS provider.
  • Malicious Websites

  • Inappropriate Content

  • Advertisement

ASUS Safe Browsing helps you easily filter unwanted contents.
Applying ad block and family filter to protect your kids online.

Gain insight into your kids’ online activity and customize settings for different age groups with the RT-AX59U’s robust parental controls – with no subscription fee. You can also flexibly schedule internet access with one click, or grant extra online time for your kids to reward their good behavior.

ASUS parental control features give you more flexibility for effortless digital parenting.
Two modes of  time scheduling: online or offline screen time setting.
Select scheduled time periods to block internet access on specific devices.
Set reward time by minute for your kids via the intuitive interface.
Clear family profile to view time scheduling and content filtering status of specific devices.

When you are away from home, the ASUS Instant Guard mobile app gives you one-click secure internet access via your router*, thanks to its encrypted VPN tunneling technology. It can even let you easily share this private network connection with your family and friends through a URL link.

*The router must have a public WAN IP address. Learn more about ASUS Instant Guard
ASUS Instant Guard App icon

Download ASUS Instant Guard App

Easily share the secure VPN with your friends and family.
  • VPN icon
  • VPN icon
  • VPN icon

VPN Your Way

VPN for Home

Enjoy secure VPN connections to your favorite streaming services or games with the RT-AX59U. Through both the ASUS Router app and the web interface, you can easily manage your VPN connections, including OpenVPN and WireGuard, to meet more of your VPN scenarios. You can also run both a VPN and an ordinary internet connection simultaneously with VPN Fusion, without interfering with the browsing experience of other users.

*VPN service coverage, speeds and quality may vary by regions/countries, internet service providers or VPN service providers. Learn more about ASUS VPN
Enjoy streaming services with secure VPN connection.

VPN for Work

For remote workers, the built-in VPN features of the ASUS RT-AX59U provide quick and encrypted connections to corporate networks, without needing to install VPN software on each device.

RT-AX59U product photo
Access corporate networks securely without needing to install VPN software on each device. VPN icon

Versatile Connectivity

In addition to gigabit WAN and LAN ports, the RT-AX59U also comes with two USB ports* for home media servers, easier file sharing, printer sharing and NAS storage. As a bonus, the RT-AX59U can provide backup network access when your internet services are inaccessible. You can set the USB port as a backup WAN by connecting it to a 4G/5G USB modem, or use your Android phone as a mobile hotspot.

*An external hard drive may need an external power adapter to work with these USB features.
  • 3G/4G/5G LTE WAN Backup

  • Media Server

  • File Sharing

  • Printer Sharing

Learn more about WAN backup
RT-AX59U I/O ports
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