ASUS Copilot+ PC

The fastest, most intelligent Windows PCs ever

Badge of NPU

Dedicated AI chip

Badge of ASUS AI application

ASUS AI applications

Neural Processing Unit (NPU)

Dedicated to AI

An image of a chip with wording “NPU” on surface are put in a black motherboard and with blue and glow circuit spreading out.

True privacy

Power efficiency

Uprated performance

Copilot in Windows

Your everyday AI companion

A set of images with the surface of a ASUS AI PC showing its physical key of Copilot in Windows at left-hand-side, and a screenshot of Copilot in Windows activating in system.

Copilot+ PC

A new AI era begins

* Prerelease product shown, subject to change.
An image showing the usage of Recall to retrace the user’s history surfing on a website.

Recall instantly

Searching for a document, email or web page on your PC can be time-consuming. Now you can just describe how you remember something and Recall will find it, instantly.2

An image showing that Live Captions is doing live translation when user is playing a video with foreign language.

Connect with Live Captions

When you never miss a word, you never miss a beat. Get accurate subtitles in real time with automatic Live Captions.3

An image showing that a picture of a sea turtle swimming in the sea generated by AI in Cocreator in Paint.

Create with Cocreator

Everyone has an imagination and an ability to be an artist. Light your spark with Cocreator.4

An image showing that a girl adjusting her presence on camera by Windows Studio Effect.

Engage your audiences with Windows Studio Effects

Improve lighting and blur distractions in the background during video calls. When presentation matters, turn on Windows Studio Effects.

An image of a video game, showing that the left part of the screen with lower resolution and right part of the screen with higher resolution.

Better graphics for all

No need to compromise when it comes to graphics. Automatic Super Resolution upscales games in real time to deliver high-definition, high frame rate gaming.5

ASUS AI apps

ASUS AI, Always Incredible

Badge of ASUS AI application

AI for organizing multimedia


AI for idea generation

Adaptive Dimming & Lock
Adaptive Dimming & Lock

AI for security and privacy

AI Noise Cancelation
AI Noise Cancelation

AI for the clearest audio


One-stop AI media hub

Learn more about StoryCube
A screen shot picture of user interface of software StoryCube, showing people and scenes are categorized automatically into folders in AI album.


Grow your dreams with AI magic

Learn more about MuseTree
A picture of idea canvas in MuseTree, showing that the drawing of an eagle at left hand side, transferring into finished art of a photographic-styled eagle at right hand side.

Adaptive Dimming & Lock

Enhancing privacy, fortifying security

A man in front of laptop.
A man looking away from the laptop screen and the laptop screen dims.
A man in front of laptop.
The image showing that a man walking away, the laptop locking itself.

AI Noise Cancelation

Crystal-clear noise-free calls

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