ASUS Vivobook 3-in-1 Bag

Geanta ASUS Vivobook 3 in1

The front view of ASUS Vivobook 3-in-1 bag

Moduri multiple

Three modes to use the ASUS Vivobook 3-in-1 bag, from left to right, including portable mode, shoulder mode and back mode.

Eleganta si practica

On the right, an ASUS Vivobook 3-in-1 bag is shown front oblique side on. On the left, a size chart shows that the ASUS Vivobook 3-in-1 bag can fits a 16-inch laptop.

Spiritul Vivo cu nailon si piele artificiala

The above pictures show that the entire body is made of water-repellent PU-coated fabric and synth canvas fabric with VivoBook Slogan.There are 3 icons below from left to right. The left one describes the ASUS Vivobook 3-in-1 bag can fit up to 16 inches laptop. The middle one describes the water-repellent of the bag. The right one describes that the ASUS Vivobook 3-in-1 bag is a 3 ways bag.
Three different side of the ASUS Vivobook 3-in-1 bag. From left to right are the front side, oblique side and front oblique side.
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