Important Information

Server Onsite Support


1. Contact ASUS

Contact ASUS Call Center via phone for technical assistance & problem diagnostic of ASUS workstation/Server product:
Server / Workstation Support Phone Line: +65 - 6636 9163

2. Define problem and determine defect

If the problem is determined as hardware failure by ASUS, Customer may proceed to request Onsite Support(Next Coverage Day) during the Warranty coverage period,

a. Working hours

ASUS Technical Call center working hours Monday ~ Friday 9:30AM - 5:30PM, Saturday 9:30AM - 12:30PM, Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday


b. Models

ASUS Onsite service will be applied for local purchase supported models only:

c. Customer-Induced Defect

ASUS Onsite Team will examine if the Customer system unit’s defect is man-made caused from Customer. If CID (Customer-Induced Defect) is found after the inspection, Customer will be informed and will be charged for repair, handling and shipping costs for CID. In case the CID part is irreparable the price of the replacement product, handling and shipping costs will be charged to Customer.

CID rules and examples can be found on this link:

ASUS Server‘s Website: