[Wireless Router] When Standard Reset Isn’t Working: Hard Factory Reset - Models list

Hard Factory Reset could be an alternative solution when the standard reset procedure fails to restore your router to factory default.

Please try Standard reset procedure first:  [Wireless Router] How to reset the router to factory default setting?


Usually, a standard reset procedure could easily reset your router to the factory default settings. It is advised to try the standard reset before attempting a Hard Factory reset.

However, if the standard reset fails to restore your router to its default status, the Hard Factory Reset could be a solution before proceeding with any advanced troubleshooting.


If the standard reset procedure is not working:

The method of Hard Factory Reset will vary by model. We 've listed all the different methods in the links shown below; please find your router on the Applicable models for the matching solution.


Method 1 (Click this link)

Applicable models:

  • Blue cave
  • BRT-AC828
  • 4G-AC53/ 4G-AC55/ 4G-AC68U/ 4G-AC86U/ 4G-AX56
  • RT-AX1800S/ RT-AX1800HP
  • RT-AX53U/ RT-AX54/ RT-AX54HP/ RT-AX89X
  • RT-AC3100/ RT-AC3200
  • RT-AC85P/RT-AC87U/ RT-AC87R/ RT-AC87W/ RT-AC88U
  • RT-AC750/  RT-AC750L/ RT-AC750GF
  • RT-AC68U/ RT-AC68UF/ RT-AC68R/ RT-AC68RW/ RT-AC68P/ RT-AC68W/ RT-AC68U_White
  • RT-AC51U/  RT-AC51U+/ RT-AC52U_B1/ RT-AC52U/ RT-AC53/  RT-AC54U/ RT-AC55UHP/ RT-AC56S/ RT-AC58U/ RT-AC59U/ RT-AC59U_V2
  • RT-AC1900/ RT-AC1900U/ RT-AC1900P
  • RT-AC1750/ RT-AC1750_B1
  • RT-AC1500G Plusv
  • RT-AC1300GPLUS/ RT-AC1300UHP
  • RT-AC1200/ RT-AC1200E/ RT-AC1200G/  RT-AC1200GU/ RT-AC1200G+/ RT-AC1200HP/ RT-AC1200_V2
  • RT-ACRH13/ RT-ACRH17
  • RT-N11P_B1/ RT-N12VP B1/ RT-N12+ B1/ RT-N12+ PRO/ RT-N12E C1/ RT-N12_D1/ RT-N12HP_B1/ RT-N300 B1/ RT-N14UHP/ RT-N18U/ RT-N19
  • RT-N66U/ RT-N66U_C1/ RT-N66R/  RT-N66W/ RT-N800HP
  • DSL-AC68U/ DSL-AC68R
  • RP-AC1900/ RP-AC51/ RP-AC53/ RP-AC55/ RP-AC68U


Method 2 (Click this link)

Applicable models:

  • ExpertWiFi EBR63
  • RT-AXE7800
  • RT-AX1800/ RT-AX3000/ RT-AX3000P
  • RT-AX5400/ RT-AX55/ RT-AX56U/ RT-AX57/ RT-AX58U/ RT-AX58U_V2/ RT-AX59U
  • RT-AX68U
  • RT-AX82U/ RT-AX86U/ RT-AX86U_Pro/ RT-AX86S/ RT-AX88U/ RT-AX88U_Pro
  • RT-AX92U
  • RT-AC2900/ RT-AC86U
  • RT-ACRH18
  • GT-AXE11000/ GT-AXE16000
  • GT-AX6000/ GT-AX11000/ GT-AX11000_Pro
  • GT-AC2900/ GT-AC5300
  • GT6
  • GS-AX3000/ GS-AX5400
  • ZenWiFi_ET8/ ZenWiFi_ET12
  • ZenWiFi_CD6/ ZenWiFi_CT8
  • ZenWiFi_XD4/ ZenWiFi_XD4_Plus/ ZenWiFi_XD4_Pro/ ZenWiFi_XD5/ ZenWiFi_XD6S/ ZenWiFi_XT9/ ZenWiFi_XT12
  • TUF-AX3000/ TUF-AX3000_V2/ TUF-AX4200/ TUF-AX4200Q/ TUF-AX5400/ TUF-AX5400_V2/ TUF-AX6000
  • TX-AX6000
  • DSL-AX82U
  • RP-AX56/ RP-AX58


Method 3 (Click this link)

Applicable models: 

  • Lyra/ Lyra Mini/ Lyra Trio


Method 4 (Click this link)

Applicable model:  Lyra Voice


Method 5 (Click this link)

Applicable models:

  • DSL-AC51/ DSL-AC52U/ DSL-AC55U/ DSL-N55U_C1/ DSL-AC56U
  • DSL-N12U_C1/ DSL-N12E_C1/ DSL-N16/ DSL-N17U


Method 6 (Click this link)

Applicable models:

  • ZenWiFi_XD4/ ZenWiFi_XD6/ ZenWiFi_XT8
  • ExpertWiFi_EBM68


Method 7 (Click this link)

Applicable model:  RT-AC5300