How to connect to OpenVPN Server with my device?(For Android)

To install OpenVPN client on your Android phone :

Step1. Download and Install OpenVPN

          Go to Google Play Store, search and download [OpenVPN Connect] App.

Step2. Send a mail with .ovpn file to your android phone / Pad

           You can ask OpenVPN server manager to send a mail with client.ovpn file to your mail address and download [.ovpn file] to the phone.

   If your OpenVPN server is using an ASUS router, please refer to this FAQ: Export OpenVPN configuration file [VPN] How to set up a VPN server on ASUS router – OpenVPN

Step3. Setup and connect to VPN server

  3-1 Open OpenVPN Connect apps and import the client.ovpn file.

  3-2 Enable this profile to connect to the VPN server 

  3-3 You can see the network traffic if connecting successfully.


For phone and OpenVPN App feature descriptions, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer of your phone or OpenVPN App for further technical support.