[NUC] Troubleshooting Memory Issues on NUC

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What are you seeing?How to fix it
You need a memory module for your NUC.See Product Compatibility Tool for compatible memory modules.

This error displays when you start your NUC:

Unsupported 1Gb / 2Gb density SODIMM(s) detected on SODIMM Slot 2.
System instability or data loss possible. Replace with SODIMMs with 4Gb or higher density. Continue (Y/N).

See Unsupported 1GB or 2GB Density Error.
The power LED on the NUC blinks in a pattern of three during POST. See Three LED blinks when booting computer.
Your NUC won't start if two memory modules are installed.See ASUS NUC Doesn't Start with two memory modules installed.
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