[AIOT SmartHome/Healthcare] Customer Induced Damage (CID) criteria


ASUS does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of this Product. The warranty only covers technical hardware issues during the Warranty Period and in normal use conditions. or if damage is caused by the following factors, warranty service will not be provided:

For more warranty information, please refer to the ASUS Product Warranty Card.

Note: ASUS authorized service centers may offer chargeable services for replacing CID (Customer Induced Damage) parts, where both parts and labor will be charged. For more information, please contact an ASUS authorized service center.

Note: The list below is not exhaustive, and the example images are for illustrative purposes only and are for reference only. For more information, please contact an ASUS authorized service center.




Power Supply (Adapter)


Separation of the adapter casing


Damage or breakage to the adapter cables



Oxidation to the adapter connectors




USB Cable


Metal part of the USB port is bent


Watch strap


Scratched, worn, or cracked leather



Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) ScreenCracks or breakage in the screen glass



Scratches or wear on the screen surface


Dents on the screen surface

Liquid intrusion or water stains on the screen



I/O port


Includes all external connection ports such as USB, charging ports

Broken or bent pins on I/O ports                                                                      


Breakage or detachment of the plastic flaps (tongue parts) on I/O ports





Outer Surface (Case)


Impact damage or scratches on the outer surface



Dents on the outer surface


Cracks or breakage on the outer surface


Peeling of the surface coating on the case