ASUS ChromeOS Enterprise devices

ASUS ChromeOS Enterprise devices are engineered to ensure every business is equipped to succeed. Running the powerful ChromeOS, these robust devices make it easy for workers to speed through every task – and to make the most of cloud technologies.
A front view of a woman and a man standing beside at a modern office. The man is standing at the right hand side, holding an ASUS Chromebook in front of him, which shown its white cover in laptop mode.
Ready for everyone and everything
With elegant designs and easy-to-use layouts, ASUS Chromebooks are easy for anyone to pick up and use — and great for any task. Access files from anywhere and collaborate with ease using built-in apps or download productivity apps on Google Play1. They also pack serious battery life to get you through the day, so they’re always ready, and deliver slick, smooth performance for work, rest or play.
A left side view of a man smiling while typing on an ASUS Chromebook which shown its left side view on a wooden table.
Everyday privacy, assured
ChromeOS has many integrated security features to keep your data safe. These include built-in virus protection that is automatically updated, and a unique security chip to encrypt your sensitive data. ChromeOS also employs sandboxing technology to digitally ring-fence apps — ensuring that a problem with one won’t affect anything else. And, of course, your ASUS Chromebooks support multiple user accounts, so one device can be safely shared with colleagues.
A close up of a right side view of an ASUS Chromebook which shown a pie chart slide onscreen in laptop mode. Two hands are shown. The left hand holding an ASUS Pen is pointing at the screen, and the right hand is using the calculator.
Powered for modern business
ASUS ChromeOS Enterprise devices empower workers with access to leading applications, high-processing performance and a seamless user experience. Businesses can easily manage IT resources safely with robust security and simple management, including as automatic updates2, zero-touch enrollment and the Google Admin Console.
A woman is walking with a closed ASUS Chromebook which shown its cover using her right hand holding it and a thermos on her left hand.
Stylish, durable and easy on the environment
ASUS Chromebooks are available in a variety of attractive colorways, from modern Transparent Silver to sleek Mineral Gray. They also meet the ultra-demanding US MIL-STD 810H3 military standard, passing multiple exacting tests to ensure reliability and durability. And, with both ENERGY STAR® and EPEAT certification, you can be sure that every ASUS Chromebook is engineered to respect our planet.
Smarts, style, and safety combined
Creativity unleashed​
Just pull out the garaged stylus4 to jot down ideas, knock up a sketch or annotate documents whenever inspiration strikes.
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All-round protection4
All four exterior edges and corners are protected by a tough rubber bumper, which ensure critical components are always safe and sound.
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A world of choice
ASUS Chromebooks are available in a vast variety of sizes and designs for all kinds of scenario.
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Size uygun ASUS Chromebook'u bulun

Uzun pil ömrü, modern, dayanıklı tasarımı ve Google Play Store1'e tam erişimi ile ASUS Chromebook'lar günlük iş ve eğlence için her zaman hazırdır.

ASUS Chromebook aksesuarları


Dizüstü bilgisayarlar
Red Dot Design
ASUS Chromebook Flip CX5, dünyanın en büyük tasarım yarışmalarından biri olan Red Dot Design Award 2022'yi kazandı.
Dizüstü bilgisayarlar
iF Tasarım
Hem ASUS Chromebook Detachable CZ1 hem de ASUS Chromebook Flip CX5, mükemmel tasarımın küresel sembolü olan iF Tasarım ödüllerini aldı.
Dizüstü bilgisayarlar
Good Design
ASUS Chromebook Detachable CM3 ve ASUS Chromebook CR1, olağanüstü tasarımlarıyla Good Design Ödülü kazandı.
Üç ASUS Chromebook, bir ASUS Pen, bir Chromebox ve bir WiFi yönlendirici gösterilmektedir. Soldaki, ekranda Google Meet ile çadır modunda. Ortadaki, ekranda Excel elektronik tablosuyla dizüstü bilgisayar modunda. Sağda olan, ekranda Google Canvas ile ayakta modunda.
ASUS Chromebook Kurumsal
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