Помимо небольшой массы, отметим использование хорошего сенсора Pixart PAW3335, мягкого и гибкого кабеля в оплетке, надежных переключателей
Впервые за долгое время геймерская мышь меня по-настоящему поразила. Это заслуга необычного дизайна, перфорированный стиль – удачная находка ASUS, причем не только внешне, но с точки зрения эргономики
Both mice performed admirably for approximately £50 each and we think that’s the perfect price bracket for them. It’s great to see both the Air and Wireless variants so that you have a choice between ultra-lightweight and wireless.
what it does bring to the party is a singular focus on giving you the most responsive, least fatiguing mouse around, and it does it with aplomb and wins our OC3D Gamers Choice Award.
The lightweight M4 Air from TUF Gaming convinced us. For a fair 50 Euros, you not only get an extremely lightweight gaming device for your money, but you can also look forward to a high-quality build, high gliding capabilities, a very flexible USB cable and a clear software. The precise PixArt sensor and the durable switches round off the positive overall picture perfectly.
Cross-country skiers with gaming power. The Asus TUF Gaming FX705GE smoothly brings all current computer games onto the matte 17.3-inch screen (FHD, IPS).
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