Satisfy your Silent Demand of Home Entertainment with ASUSHD 6450 SILENT series

  • Silent passive cooling means true 0dB - perfect for quiet home theater PCs and multimedia centers.
  • Lowers graphics card EMI by 66% for more stable operation, clearer display, and safer computing.
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      Satisfy your Silent Demand of Home Entertainment with ASUS HD 6450 SILENT series

      ASUS Exclusive Innovation

      0dB Silent Cooling
      0dB Silent Cooling
      Perfect for building a hushed HTPC
      Exclusive ASUS-designed heatsinks with large surface areas effectively cool graphics cards passively so absolutely no sound is produced while running - perfect for high definition and silent home theater PCs and multimedia centers.
      EMI Shield
      Clearer signals and safer usage
      ASUS reduces 66%* of electromagnetic interference both given off and received by the card - resulting in a more stable signal, clearer screen display, and a safer, healthier computing environment.
      EMI Shield

      Graphics GPU Features

      NVIDIA GeForce
      Powered by AMD Radeon™ HD6450
      Compatible with Windows7
      40nm GPU
      Less power consumption & more efficient transistor
      Compatible with Windows7
      DirectX® 11
      DirectX® 11 GPU-accelerated tessellation allows more detailed geometry to be packed into a scene, allowing characters to be rendered with cinema-quality detail.
      NVIDIA Force with CUDA PCI Express 2.1 support
      Compatible with Windows7
      Microsoft® Windows® 7 Support:
      Enable PC users to enjoy an advanced computing experience and to do more with their PC
      Compatible with Windows7
      New higher resolution displays
      Dual-link DVI delivers 2560 x 1600 screens on flat-panel displays for bigger and clearer images in everything from gaming to productivity

      I/O Ports Highlight

      1 X Native D-Sub
      1 X Native Dual-link DVI-D
      1 X Native HDMI
      1 X Native HDCP Compliant