About ASUS

    GreenASUS: Keeping the environment in mind

    We at ASUS are fully committed to creating a sustainable future. We believe in adopting an eco-friendly approach towards every aspect of our business. This is where the Green ASUS philosophy comes in — from our internal practices to our production processes, to our green products and our environmentally-aware employees — we remain focused on safeguarding our planet.

    ASUS produced the world's first lead-free and Halogen –free motherboard as well as the first Halogen-free full-HD Monitor. We also became the first notebook manufacturer to receive the EPD as well as EU Flower Eco certificates and the first among the Top 10 IT manufacturers to receive the Japan Eco Mark.

    ASUS was recognized for its Energy Efficient Product Design at the 2011 ENERGY STAR Award Ceremony thanks to the Super Hybrid Engine and Green LCD technologies.

    Today, ASUS-exclusive technologies are continually being designed and improved with the main goal of environmental conservation in mind. These technologies aside, other eco-friendly measures include the elimination of harmful substances from production process and the use of recyclable packaging materials.

    GreenASUS consists of the following:

    Green Design

    Designs products that are easy to reuse, recycle, and disassemble, improves product power efficiency, and enforces adherence to hazardous substance guidelines.

    Green Manufacturing

    Implements greener manufacturing processes which are lead- and halogen-free.

    Green Procurement

    Oversees a green supply chain management (SRM) system and maintains an online database of green vendors.

    Green Services and Marketing

    Galvanizes support for recycling programs and ensures that charitable organizations benefit from these initiatives.

    Green ASUS highlights

    Going beyond legal compliance

    The RoHS directive restricts the use of 6 hazardous substances but ASUS further restricts an additional 31 substances on its own accord for the safety of its customers, employees and the Earth.

    IECQ HSPM certification for HQ and manufacturing sites

    ASUS has obtained IECQ (IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components) HSPM (Hazardous Substance Process Management) certification for its headquarters and all of its manufacturing sites. IECQ provides visibility and independent verification that electronic components, related materials and processes are compliant to appropriate standards, specifications or other documents.

    Recognized as a highly environmental friendly company

    ASUS has been recognized as a highly environmental friendly company in the Computers and Peripherals Industry by Oekom research AG, an independent research institute specializing in corporate responsibility assessment.

    Green ASUS milestones


    • Received 2011 ENERGY STAR Award for Excellence in Energy Efficient Product Design
    • Received "Green ICT Award" for VW247H-HF Monitor and U43SD Bamboo NB


    • First among Top 10 IT Computer Manufacturer to Received Japan Eco Mark
    • Presented the World's First completely Halogen-free Motherboard (P7P55D-E/HF)
    • Presented the World's First completely Halogen-free Full HD 1080p LCD model (VW247H-HF)
    • Had Bamboo Notebook U53Jc received PAS 2050/ ISO14067 Carbon footprint Certificate
    • Had Notebook UL30A and Monitor VW247H-HF ranked as The Greenest Products for NB and Monitor in "2010 Greenpeace Electronics Survey"
    •Joined the Taiwan CSR rating by "Great Vision Magazine" and won CSR Excellence for IT Industry
    •Joined CSR Citizenship rating by "CommonWealth Maganize" in 2010 and was listed in Top 10


    Phased in Halogen-free manufacturing processes
    Received EPEAT Gold rating for Eee PC™ Seashell netbooks and nine LCD monitors
    Produced world's first notebook (N51V) to receive both Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and carbon footprint (PAS 2050:2008) certificates
    Received EU Flower certification for U Series notebooks and EeeBox PC nettops


    Received EuP certification for N Series notebooks
    Received EU Flower certification for N Series and Bamboo Series notebooks
    Received EPEAT Gold rating for N Series and Bamboo Series notebooks
    Developed Super Hybrid Engine for notebooks and EPU II-6 Engine for motherboards
    Launched low energy consumption VH192C/SC monitor


    Developed ASUS AI Gear 2 for motherboards
    Received IECQ HSPM certification for HQ and manufacturing sites
    Introduced a Green Design System to manufacturing processes
    Launched a recycling program in the United States


    Developed ASUS AI Gear for motherboards


    Developed Power4Gear Plus for notebooks
    Launched lead-free motherboards


    Developed Power4Gear for notebooks

    "We at ASUS are proud of our environmental efforts in the past years. We will continue to commit to proactively protecting our natural resources. In addition, we will strive for pollution prevention and will persist in our active commitment to clean production and green manufacturing."

    Jonney Shih, Chairman, ASUSTeK Computer Inc.