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    ASUS Transformer Book T100HA

    Beautifully tough

    For T100HA’s lid, we wanted a material that’s tough and light but which looks and feels great. Aluminum was the perfect choice, allowing us to keep T100HA super-slim but strong enough to shrug off the knocks and scrapes that come with a hectic on-the-go lifestyle. T100HA looks stunning — and stays that way.


    All the coolest colors

    Choose the perfect T100HA to suit your lifestyle, your personality, or even your wardrobe! Available in four fresh and vivid colors — Tin Grey, Silk White, Aqua Blue and Rouge Pink — there’s a T100HA for every taste.


    Thinner. Lighter. Better.

    By using a sleek aluminum lid, we’ve been able to make T100HA thinner and lighter than ever. But even though the tablet is just 8.45mm thin and weighs a feather-light 580g, T100HA is still fully-equipped with all the ports you need, including micro HDMI, micro USB, USB Type-C, Micro SD and a headphone jack. What’s more, all these except micro USB are on the tablet part of T100HA, so they’re available even with the keyboard dock disconnected.

    8.45 mm
    580 g

    Unprecedented typing comfort

    One of the genius features of T100HA is the fact that despite being incredibly slim and compact, it still has a comfortable keyboard. We fine-tuned the keys to give them an ergonomic 1.5mm of travel and a tactile 62g bounce force, making it a real pleasure to use. Typing on an ultraportable has never been this comfortable.

    1.5 mm
    62 g

    Smart magnetic hinge

    We paid an awful lot of attention to the crucial connection between T100HA’s display and its keyboard. The result is a smart magnetic hinge that’s not only strong and reliable, but also connects precisely with no fuss or hassle, every time. Using the world’s most powerful magnetic material in a carefully-designed pattern, this hinge supports loads up to 2kg, yet is easy to connect and disconnect without any fiddling around.