PadFone mini (PF451CL) Station TriCover

    PadFone mini (PF451CL) Station TriCover

    Multi-stance at home and away

    • Protects your screen and minimizes scratches, scrapes and dents. It features a soft microfiber inner cover and a durable polyurethane outer cover for maximum protection.
    • Foldable cover that allows you to position the PadFone mini Station at an angle which is optimized for watching movies or reading on the landscape mode.
    • Securely fastens onto the base of your PadFone mini Station.
    • Available in black
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      The PadFone mini (PF451CL) Station TriCover undergoes a series of durability tests, which include paint abrasion, resistance to impact, extreme temperatures, humidity and solvents. The inner layer is made of a fine microfiber cloth that keeps the screen safe from scratches and scrapes.

      Ergonomic 2-way folding and protective cover

      The PadFone mini Station TriCover has a simple and clever design with a folding cover that props up the tablet up to an ideal position for you to type or watch videos. This slim but sturdy cover safeguards your PadFone mini’s body and screen, providing full protection from everyday bumps and scratches.