PadFone (A66)

    PadFone (A66)

    Expand Your World!

    • Enjoy More: 4.3”←→ 10.1” Dynamic Display .
    • Achieve More: Up to 63 Hours of Extended Talk Time.
    • Save More: Two Devices. One Data Plan.
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    • Seamless transition between devices.
      Works both ways!

      DynamicDisplay – this ASUS exclusive technology automatically adjusts the PadFone’s display layout when it is placed into the PadFone Station to enable you to view and enjoy more. The intelligent DynamicDisplay technology will also ensure that the app remembers where you stopped so that you can immediately continue playing that new game without having to start all over again when switching from PadFone to PadFone Station and vice versa.

    • Capture unforgettable images.

      An 8MP camera, back-illuminated CMOS sensor, large F2.2 aperture and 5-element lens allow for precise photography and HD 1080p video recording even under low light conditions.

    • 102 hours of extended talk time.

      Extend the PadFone’s battery life by up to 63 hours with the PadFone Station’s built-in battery. Need even more power? Simply dock the PadFone into the bigger battery of the Station Dock to increase battery life by an amazing 102 hours!

    • Two devices. One data plan. Maximum savings!

      When docked, the PadFone Station uses the PadFone’s 3G connection for internet access, so you only need one data plan for two devices. That translates to a whole lot of savings every year!

    • Be blown away by awesome audio

      Tuned by ASUS audio specialists, the PadFone delivers the most precise processing protocols and codecs to channel sound through superior quality speakers with large resonance chambers for an unforgettable audio experience.

    • Because design matters and we care

      The Zen design philosophy ASUS first employed in the ZENBOOK ™ continues with the PadFone. The concentric circle finish found on the back of the PadFone and the PadFone Station provides a comfortable grip while accentuating elegant style.

      A sleeve is not just a cover to us. We’ve designed it to include a SIM card slot for frequent travelers, and added a cleaning cloth which is cleverly hidden in the sleeve. Nothing is left to chance, so we fashioned the brand tag to double as a stylus headset combo holder.

    • Always the best performance

      The PadFone features Qualcomm’s 4th generation 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor for super fast performance even on the PadFone Station. The brilliant Adreno 225 GPU joins a Super AMOLED panel to ensure quality graphics for gaming, movies, photos, and all other applications.

    • Innovative accessories that transform lives

      At ASUS, our products are designed with the goal of resolving current problems faced by consumers and making a difference in their lives. Therefore, we came up with two innovative accessories: PadFone Stylus Headset and PadFone Station Dock. Both of which not only increase the productivity of users, but also offer expanded usage with the PadFone Stylus Headset doubling up as a call receiver and the PadFone Station Dock extending the battery capacity of PadFone further.

      Here’s something new: a stylus doubling as a headset. Use it to scribble, draw, write, and pick up calls with absolute ease. The PadFone Stylus Headset even comes with its own alert system, where the PadFone and PadFone Station vibrate and beep to let you know when the Stylus Headset has been left behind!

      Typing on a tablet is fine, but you can turn your PadFone into a fully-fledged notebook with the QWERTY chiclet keyboard mobile dock. It also extends the PadFone’s battery capacity by up to 9X, and comes with USB ports and a card reader to provide you with more choice and possibilities.

    • No more syncing with one stop storage!

      Say goodbye to constant syncs! The PadFone provides all of the PadFone Station’s processing power and storage when the two are docked. So no matter which device you used last, all your photos, documents, and games are kept up to date and available whenever you need them. Now you can continue right where you left off working when moving from pad to phone without having to start all over!

    • Entertainment at your fingertips with preloaded apps

      Get an amazing lifetime 32GB online storage for 3 years with every PadFone! The best part is, there is no cap on file transfers or data download capacity, so you can send huge files with no annoying limitations. The PadFone also comes preloaded with ASUS apps such as ASUS@vibe and Mylibrary , providing you with a plethora of free books and other media.