Eee Pad MeMO 171

    Eee Pad MeMO 171

    A Pad you need is also a Phone Indeed

    • Bundled MeMIC* Bluetooth headset provides an integrated experience with the MeMO. It’s super convenient for placing calls, sending texts, and listening to music.
    • Integrated stylus for easy access to writing and painting.
    • Brilliant Super IPS+ Panel with 178° wide viewing angle.
    • Mobile phone with Android™ 3.2 OS (Upgradable to Android™ 4.0).
    • MyPainter to create images and record experiences.
    • SuperNotefor creating notes with pictures, videos, maps, and voice recordings.
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    My Mobile, My Moment – Eee Pad MeMO 171

    Crossover between a tablet and a mobile phone, the Eee Pad MeMo 171 is a nimble device that captures your moments.

    MeMIC Bluetooth headset to integrate with MeMO

    The bundled MeMIC* is a Bluetooth headset that allows you to place calls via the contact list or call history, read messages, and listen to music. The MeMIC is the perfect travel companion on the road.

    *MeMIC bundle option will vary depending on country and SKU. Please check with your local retailer for more information.

    Integrated stylus for easy access to writing and painting

    The MeMO is designed not only for input with your fingers, but also with the digital stylus that’s flawlessly built into it.

    Super IPS+ Panel for outdoor reading

    Super IPS+ Panel provides 216dpi and 600nits for easy outdoors reading, as well as 178 degree wide viewing angle for sharing with your friends. Super IPS+ Panel also produces a 50% more accurate color range.

    SuperNote - super great app for more than note taking

    SuperNote is a versatile note taking app that allows users to take notes through a variety of input options. You can write with your fingers and the keyboard or take photo, video, and audio notes.

    Supreme SRS sound experience

    3D Stereo enhancement improves the dynamic audio experience. It also maximizes bass response from the smaller speakers. The result is a more natural audio with a wider sound field and raised sound image.

    1080p HD video shooting

    Supports up to 1080p video shooting. Auto-focus and multi-touch zoom in and out

    MyPainter for your creative side

    MyPainter is a MeMO exclusive painting program that allows for calligraphy or brush input due to its pressure sensitivity. Users can enjoy an authentic painting experience. The program is also capable of photo editing with effects to create a scrapbook. Users can share their creations through email or social media.

    Android™ 3.2 Honeycomb OS (4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgradable)

    Google's Android™ Honeycomb is a revolutionary operating system specially designed and optimized for tablets, and gives users the full web experience on-the-go. Supporting Adobe® Flash® and the ever-growing Android Market, entertainment is just a finger swipe away.

    The convenient ASUS Launcher also allows users to launch software, manage content, access online services and connect devices with a few simple taps.

    Polaris® Office® 3.0, a professional mobile office Solution

    Preloaded on the MeMO is Polaris® Office® 3.0, a professional mobile office solution which enables users to edit various types of office documents including documents (.doc), spreadsheets (.xls) and presentation files (.ppt), making the MeMO very attractive for professional use. In addition, the ultra-convenient unlimited ASUS Webstorage*1 provides worry-free cloud computing, and is free forever.

    Magazines, newspapers and books: rich content for everyday use

    In addition to the music and videos provided in MyCloud, the MeMO also offers newspaper from Press reader, magazines from Zinio and books from Amazon Kindle. With the MeMO, you no longer need to carry heavy books and papers with you.

    ASUS' unique Interface hosts a variety of unique applications such as @Vibe Music, MyNet, MyLibrary and MyCloud

    @Vibe Music : listen to music and radio for free.

    MyCloud :MyCloud is a total cloud solution, providing access to digital content such as music, videos and files from the cloud. Users can even use MyCloud to remotely access and control PC or Mac systems, which further extends the versatility of the MeMO.
    MyNet :easily streams digital media wirelessly within home network devices. HD videos or music can be played on devices such as HDTVs or Desktop PCs.

    MyLibrary :consolidates downloaded books, magazines and newspapers in to one easy-to-access location.

    One year unlimited ASUS Webstorage space: You can easily sync and share data. *1

    *1: 1 year unlimited ASUS Webstorage space. Please visit for more details.