[Chromebook] Chromebook Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The following lists the Chromebook Frequently Asked Question (FAQ), you are able to find a troubleshooting solution to resolve the problem you met.

Problem CategoryProblem itemFAQ link
Chrome Operating SystemSystem recoveryReset (Powerwash) your Chromebook to factory settings
Recover Chromebook operating system
How to reset your Chromebook hardware (Hard reset)
How to fix recovery failed problems
Chrome default setting and functionStart for the first time (ChromeOS OOBE)
Diagnostics feature on Chrome OS
What is Chromebook? | Chrome operating system FAQ
How to fix Google account sign-in issues
Chrome operation and updateHow to update your Chromebook's operating system
How to fix ChromeOS update failure
Cannot power on / System problemCannot power on / Cannot enter Chrome OSHow to fix Chromebook cannot power on
Crash / System problem / Auto RestartHow to fix Chromebook crashes or freezes
How to fix “Aw, Snap!” page crashes and other page loading errors
How to fix the error message of “He’s Dead, Jim!” on Chromebook
How to fix Chrome OS is missing or damaged
How to fix Chromebook automatic shutdown/restart issues
System low speedHow to fix slow performance on Chromebook
System cannot resume / sleepHow to wake your Chromebook up, including clamshell, flip, and detachable series
How to fix Computer does not wake from Sleep mode
Keyboard / TouchpadKeyboard / Shortcut problemHow to fix Chromebook built-in keyboard issues
Popular Chromebook keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard backlightHow to enable Backlit keyboard
How to fix backlit keyboard problems
Touchpad problemLearning how to use your Chromebook touchpad
How to fix touchpad issues with the Chromebook
Display / Touchscreen displayNo displayHow to fix Chromebook cannot power on
Display abnormalHow to fix Display issues with the built-in screen (primary display) of a Chromebook
Touchscreen abnormalLearning how to use your Chromebook touchscreen
How to fix abnormalities with the Chromebook touchscreen
Stylus problemHow to fix garage rechargeable stylus doesn't respond
External monitor problemHow to connect your Chromebook to an external monitor
How to fix connectivity issues with external display on Chromebook
Charger and BatteryCannot charging or charge fullHow to fix charging issues with Chromebook
Short battery lifeHow to fix short battery life on Chromebook (Fast Battery Drain)
CameraCamera problemHow to fix abnormal camera issue on Chromebook
Wi-Fi / BluetoothWireless (Wi-Fi) problemConnecting to Wi-Fi on Your Chromebook
How to fix wireless network problems on Chromebook
Bluetooth connection problemConnecting Bluetooth Devices on Your Chromebook
How to fix Bluetooth connectivity issues with the Chromebook
SoundSpeaker and Microphone problemHow to fix Chromebook audio (Speaker/Microphone) issues
Fingerprint recognitionFingerprint recognition problemHow to Set Up Fingerprint Recognition on Chromebook
How to fix Chromebook fingerprint sensor issues
Input / OutputUSB / Type-CHow to fix Chromebook USB port issues
Device defectAppearanceGetting to know your Laptop PC