Case Studies

Revolutionizing Southern Africa's Healthcare with the ASUS ExpertCenter D5

Ranked as the premier medical aid administrator in Africa, the AfroCentric Group is a JSE-listed company that stands as a beacon of healthcare excellence.

Through a strategic partnership with ASUS, AfroCentric champions the ethos of “putting people first.” Leveraging sustainable desktop solutions, this collaboration enables AfroCentric to streamline its operations and deliver optimal healthcare services to those in dire need. Together, they are revolutionizing healthcare, ensuring a more prosperous future for all in Africa.

"We’re open and honest, we’re also empowering and we like to put the people first, and to do that and put all pour energy into putting our people first, is to ensure that we have sustainable technology."

Liam Patel, Team Leader – IT Assets

"You’ve got a TPM chip. So for an institution (The AfroCentric Group) like this, security is number one. So that helps us to make sure that whatever information is saved on the missions and that’s being distributed, going out is encrypted and secured"

David Ncube, Unified communications support (IT)


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