TAIPEI, Taiwan, January 9, 2024

ASUS Revolutionizes the Workplace with AI-Powered ExpertBooks, First ExpertBook Chromebook Plus and Upgraded ExpertCenter Series

ExpertBook B9

LAS VEGAS, USA, January 9, 2024 — As the world converges at CES 2024, ASUS is proud to showcase its latest advancements in commercial computing technology. The ASUS Business banner covers a wide range of devices and components, from laptops, desktops, servers and all-in-one systems to PC peripherals, networking devices and projectors. Looking beyond hardware and software specifically crafted for commercial use, ASUS Business also provides comprehensive device-lifecycle services to IT, VAR and SI professionals, from deployment and remote manageability to after-sales support.

Backed by our steadfast commitment to maximizing commercial potential, ASUS Business introduces a new lineup of AI-powered commercial PCs that redefine efficiency, security and sustainability. ASUS ExpertBook B5 (B5604/B5404), ASUS ExpertBook B3 (B3604/B3404), ASUS ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus (CX5403), and the new 2024 ExpertCenter series — ASUS ExpertCenter D7 SFF and ASUS ExpertCenter D9 Mini Tower — are at the forefront of this technological leap, offering powerful AI-capable technology, unparalleled reliability, and simplified management, all while advancing the sustainability commitments for which ASUS is becoming renowned. In particular, ASUS ExpertBook B5 is the first AI-powered business laptop from ASUS, and the company is thrilled to reveal that ASUS ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus (CX5403) is the world’s first Chromebook powered by the latest Intel® Core™ Ultra processors — and the very first in the all-new ASUS ExpertBook Chromebook Plus range.

Embracing the AI future: The driving force of efficiency

The latest ExpertBook B5 and B3 series, alongside ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus, leverage AI technology to enhance user productivity and experiences. With the introduction of Intel Core Ultra architecture and AI-dedicated system on a chip (SoC) — which combine CPU, GPU and NPU AI engines to enable the next wave of business features — ASUS delivers unprecedented power efficiency. The availability of the NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 4060 with ExpertCenter D9 Mini Tower accelerates AI computing, transforming productivity for business professionals.

Also revealed is the latest ASUS ExpertBook B9 (B9403CVAR) with a refreshed up to Intel Core 7 processor for improved productivity. This model is equipped with AI conferencing capabilities, including an AI-voiceprint noise-reducing microphone, AI-powered far-field pick-up and AI-driven noise cancelation, as well as an AI-enhanced camera for superb audiovisual experiences and uninterrupted meetings — further enhancing capabilities for business professionals, wherever they work.

In today's business landscape, the importance of AI-powered performance cannot be overstated. Professionals are seeking intelligent user experiences that cater to individual preferences and simplify everyday tasks. Additionally, data security and privacy have become paramount as users navigate an increasingly connected world. ASUS recognizes these trends in AI PC demand, and our AI-capable technology addresses these critical needs.

With AI-capable technologies, ExpertBook B5 and B3 series feature up to the latest Intel Core Ultra 7 processor with AI architecture providing improved graphics performance and power efficiency while taking on AI workloads, plus optional powerful up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 discrete graphics — resulting in expertly crafted, ultralight solutions that seamlessly combine AI-accelerated performance with easy portability. With dual SSD slots, dual DDR5 SO-DIMM slots supporting up to 64 GB memory, and cutting-edge WiFi 7, these new models offer remarkacmble processing power for AI workloads, and lightning-fast and versatile connectivity. This means businesses experience a significant boost in productivity, as AI streamlines everyday tasks.

ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus holds the groundbreaking position of being the first Intel Core Ultra-powered Chromebook in the market in 2024. It also features up to the latest Intel Core Ultra 7 processor with AI architecture, coupled with up to 16 GB LPDDR5X RAM, 512 GB storage and WiFi 6E to support seamless online and offline collaboration. It’s specially designed for leaders and mid-level professionals. The all-new Chromebook Plus framework delivers double the speed, memory and storage space compared to standard Chromebooks. Plus, AI-powered Google and Adobe features allow users to do more of what they love. This new laptop comes with comprehensive security and management measures, making it a trustworthy companion for professionals — and MIL-STD-tested design ensures enhanced durability, helping it withstand the rigors of business use.

The updated ASUS ExpertCenter series, encompassing the Essential D5, Advanced D7 and Premium D9 tiers, offers versatile form factors including small form factor (SFF), mini-tower and tower, with the D9 series featuring SFF and mini-tower options. The 2024 refresh introduces redesigned, smaller and more maintainable chassis, alongside upgraded hardware like the latest 14th Generation Intel Core i7 CPUs, up to 128 GB DDR5 RAM and support for full-size NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 GPUs. These enhancements in the ExpertCenter lineup not only significantly boost productivity but also offer customizable solutions for businesses, ensuring scalability and future-proof technology assets that evolve with growing business needs.

ASUS commercial PCs that embrace the AI future

  • ExpertBook B5 and B3 series

Experience the pinnacle of AI-driven efficiency with ExpertBook B5 and B3 series. These laptops are the epitome of productivity, powered by AI-capable technology. With the latest Intel processors, including the Intel Core Ultra architecture, and dedicated AI SoCs, they leverage the new Intel integrated engine for improved graphics performance and power efficiency. Additionally, they feature an ASUS AiSense camera system and ASUS AI noise-canceling for enhanced audiovisuals and uninterrupted meetings no matter where work is, further enhancing capabilities for professionals. B5 also offers optional ASUS Private View and a smart-card reader, empowering amazing productivity and seamless security for business professionals to multitask anywhere confidently.

  • ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus

ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus takes AI-capable technology to a new level. Featuring an Intel Core Ultra processor, it offers supercharged performance. With double the speed, double the storage and double the memory, it ensures consistent and quality experiences. Additionally, it boasts advanced AI-powered features, including an advanced photo-editing tool with AI-powered Magic Eraser and built-in AI-powered videoconferencing tools that enhance clarity and lighting, cancel noise, and blur backgrounds, enabling better results for professionals everywhere.

  • ASUS ExpertCenter D9 Mini Tower

ExpertCenter D9 Mini Tower offers powerful AI computing capabilities with the option of discrete GeForce RTX 4060 graphics. This ensures lightning-fast AI computing productivity — perfect for demanding tasks.

Unwavering reliability: A cornerstone of ASUS design

ASUS believes that reliability should never be a compromise. With commercial-grade BIOS, smart-card readers, Kensington locks and TPM, our devices ensure business data and device security. In addition, the robust durability of MIL-STD 810H-tested designs guarantee performance in any environment, underpinning our promise of consistent reliability for extended use.

The ASUS commitment to robust security extends across the ASUS Business range. For example, we've integrated commercial-grade BIOS and AI technology support in ExpertBook B5, ensuring data protection and enterprise-grade security. Plus, the infrared camera, fingerprint sensor and smart-card reader provide both biometric identity verification and multifactor authentication. As well, ExpertBook B5's MIL-STD 810H-tested design further solidifies its position as a reliable workhorse.

ASUS commercial PCs built for unwavering reliability

  • ExpertBook B5

ExpertBook B5 sets the gold standard for reliability. It starts with a commercial-grade BIOS and AI technology support. For identity verification and multifactor authentication, it boasts an IR camera, fingerprint sensor, and smart-card reader, providing enterprise-grade security. Weighing as little as 1.29 kilograms, ExpertBook B5 is artfully crafted using pure aluminum and a magnesium-aluminum alloy, prioritizing durability and ultimate mobility. In fact, B5 has undergone rigorous MIL-STD 810H testing for assured durability in any environment. With its incredible connectivity, B5 is ideal for business professionals who demand versatility and security.

  • ASUS ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus

ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus prioritizes data safety with comprehensive security and management measures. Featuring a fingerprint sensor, webcam privacy shield, Google Titan C2 security chip and Google's enterprise-level management tools like zero-touch enrollment and Google Admin console, CX54 is a trusted, reliable partner for IT managers at any business scale. It also adheres to MIL-STD standards, ensuring enhanced durability and reliability.

  • ASUS ExpertCenter series

ASUS ExpertCenter desktop solutions come with a new chassis, designed to improve durability — further enhancing their military-grade ruggedness. They also include the exclusive ASUS Control Center and TPM 2.0 hardware for enterprise-grade security. ExpertCenter D5 and D7 SFF in particular have chassis reduced to a mere 8.6L while still offering performance and reliability that exceeds the demands of business professionals. With US MIL-STD 810H military-grade quality, ExpertCenter desktops are able to withstand the toughest conditions, and their optimized thermal designs ensure reliability, especially during heavy workloads.

Optimized manageability: Streamlined for the future

In an age where time is of the essence, ExpertBook B5 and B3 series enhance business efficiency with new designs that simplify upgrades and management, saving time and resources. Similarly, ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus is built for easy management and integrates Google’s advanced enterprise features for streamlined workflow in modern work settings. As well, the tool-free design of the ExpertCenter series advances both manageability and operational efficiency, simplifying processes to allow businesses to focus on what truly matters — growth and productivity. Offering optional TPM chips, Kensington locks, ASUS Pre-Deployment Service (APDS) and ASUS Endpoint Management Service (AEMS), these solutions demonstrate the ASUS commitment to innovative services that help businesses protect their sensitive data and streamline IT operations.

ASUS commercial PCs that redefine manageability

  • ExpertBook B5 and B3 series

ExpertBook B5 and B3 series help streamline admin processes and include new designs and intelligent features that save businesses valuable time and resources, allowing for efficient upgrades and seamless management. They also feature an intuitive BIOS that offers quick insights into device specifications and status, plus custom BIOS settings that allow effortless time-saving and deployment across devices — ensuring more efficient and user-friendly IT-management experiences.

  • ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus

ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus is designed for ease of management and packed with Google’s enterprise-level features, including zero-touch enrollment and the Google Admin console for remote management. Its features are optimized to ensure smooth workflows, making it a valuable asset in any modern workplace.

  • ASUS ExpertCenter series

ExpertCenter series meets the needs of modern IT professionals and benefits from diverse levels of expandability to future-proof technology investments, providing peace of mind that those assets will be able to grow with expanding businesses. The redesigns of the ExpertCenter mini-tower and SFF chassis see the introduction of a sleek scratch-resistant finish, which not only enhances the aesthetics but also makes maintenance a breeze. The removable side bezel allows effortless swapping of different front I/O ports, easing future upgrades. The new chassis design also enables tool-free access: the side-panel screws are now captive, staying with the case, while new disc drive latches ease replacement. The complete redesigns of the mini-tower and SFF chassis result in advances that save precious time for IT professionals. ExpertCenter PCs also feature efficient thermal design, and each has passed stringent MIL-STD testing to ensure reliability.

Sustainable innovation: The ASUS commitment to carbon neutrality

ASUS is deeply committed to sustainability — a commitment we actively demonstrate through pioneering initiatives. The all-new ASUS Carbon Partner Services leads the way, empowering businesses worldwide to achieve carbon neutrality. Phase one of the ASUS mission to become carbon neutral started in Taiwan, in Q4 2023, and included ExpertBook B9403 and ExpertCenter D9 (D900MDRES/D900SDRES). Phase two will begin in 2024, expanding globally — with ASUS Carbon Partner Services becoming available for all ASUS Business models that carry EPEAT Gold certification.

ASUS has also set multiple industry milestones, leading in sustainability and a commitment to the environment. The new ExpertCenter SFF and ExpertCenter Mini Tower, for example, are manufactured using eco-friendly post-consumer-recycled (PCR) materials, and each features a new 500 W TFX platinum-grade PSU and smart fan design to improve power efficiency.

ASUS combines unprecedented performance, reliable security and sustainability to create the ultimate lineup of commercial PC solutions. With EPEAT Climate Plus-verified devices and the establishment of ASUS Carbon Partner Services, our journey is dedicated to reducing carbon footprints and enhancing environmental responsibility. ASUS features services that offer end-to-end carbon footprint offsetting, assuring quality while leveraging nature-based carbon credits. With a full range of solutions that offer the flexibility to tailor strategies to fit any business need, ASUS is the number-one choice for cutting-edge technology and a sustainable future.